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Most recently since Colin Kaepernick has reentered the conversation of potentially returning to the NFL to play again, there has been a lot of turmoil surrounding the conversation as a whole. Stephen A Smith an iconic Sports Commentator for the hit show “First Take” on ESPN; has been very strong minded in giving his opinion for years. So why do people think he wouldn’t be opinionated in the situation of “Kap?” The answer is simply because, “He’s A Black Man, and Black Men Should Stick Together, Right Wrong or Indifferent.”

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The haze that has surrounded this controversial topic has arguably turned blacks against blacks to a certain extent. Most recently “SA” has had his “Black Card” challenged by many like, “Terrelle “TO” Owens, Nick Cannon and more.” It’s unfortunate that healthy conversation cannot take place, with the difference of opinions without blacks chastising each other to get their point across. Because, Max Kellermen (First Take Co-Host) has spoken out as a “privileged” white man in agreement of what mostly all the blacks what Stephen A to see and say, “TO” recently stated that “Max might be blacker than Stephen A.” Since then some followers and fans of “SA” have come back to defend Stephen A, “TO” shot a low blow; especially by saying that on national television or in general.

Stephen A has not wavered in his stance and stands firm on his opinion. Which is making the public more upset. However, it is a proven fact that people always support the opinion that’s in their favor but never what it is that they need to actually hear.

Respect to Stephen A and the whole First Take crew for standing up regardless!