After all the heat that the NFL is catching due to former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores filling a potential Class Action Lawsuit, the story of Colin Kaepernick is resurfacing itself again. Colin already has a documentary that premiered via Netflix. However, Spike Lee is set to do a multi-part documentary for ESPN about […]

Spike Lee and Jemele Hill have started producing the Colin Kaepernick docuseries, airing on ESPN at a later date. We'll finally get to hear from the man himself about the ins-and-outs of what really happened after taking that fateful knee.

Dr. Dre linked up with the Wokepernick, aka Colin Kaepernick, and immortalized the moment by throwing it on the gram.

Colin Kaepernick will continue to be a voice for the voiceless but now on a bigger platform. The activist is now partnering with one of the prominent media brands in the world to do so. As spotted on ESPN the former quarterback will be telling a much needed story regarding racial inequality in the United States […]

Monday, Netflix announced a new series that will take a look at Colin Kaepernick’s early years. Kaepernick and award-winning filmmaker Ava Duvernay will team up for Colin in Black & White. The scripted six-episode series will dive deeper into Kaepernick’s early years as a black boy adopted into a white family, his transition into […]

The NFL is still soaked in systemic racism. So Roger Goodell recently going on the record as supportive of a team giving Colin Kaepernick a shot rings particularly hollow. 

The NFL has some nerve. The same league that blackballed Colin Kaepernick because he kneeled to protest police brutality sent out a statement about George Floyd's death and the subsequent protests across the nation—and the irony was not lost on many who promptly called out the blatant hypocrisy.

As we know Colin Kaepernick is awaiting his second debut in the NFL. However, it seems as though he is burning through some of his more sustainable bridges to get his second chance. People like Stephen A. Smith and more have all expressed their personal disappointment in Colin’s decision making in his latest NFL Tryout. […]

Most recently since Colin Kaepernick has reentered the conversation of potentially returning to the NFL to play again, there has been a lot of turmoil surrounding the conversation as a whole. Stephen A Smith an iconic Sports Commentator for the hit show “First Take” on ESPN; has been very strong minded in giving his opinion […]

Most people that know Jay-Z, knows he is a guy that is all about business, so he won’t show his hand until it’s time to. People believe that Roger Goodell and Jay-Z may have got Colin this opportunity to show the NFL that he still has it. Colin waited until Saturday to move the location […]