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Two separate groups of black women are crying foul after they say a racist man called police on them while relaxing at an apartment complex swimming pool.

Both incidents happened at The Edition Apartments on East-West Highway in Hyattsville, Maryland this past weekend and were recorded, in part, and posted on social media.

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Felecia Soso recounted the first incident in a Twitter thread, telling her followers she and six of her friends were relaxing at the swimming pool when they were approached by a man, who has since been identified as Nick Starr-Street. He was complaining about glass bottles the group had with them.

In the first video posted on Soso’s Twitter account, you can see Starr-Street recording one of the women, telling her “glassware is not allowed at the pool.” The woman agreed to get rid of the glass and asked what else she can do to make Starr-Street feel comfortable. He still decided to report them to the leasing office.

According to Soso, a leasing office representative spoke to Starr-Street, but that wasn’t enough. In the second video posted to her thread, you can see him calling the police.

The Hyattsville Police Department showed up to speak to the women. They shared their side of the story and eventually decided to leave the pool.

On Sunday, Starr-Street accosted another group of black women for the same reason, glassware. He posted video of that encounter to YouTube. As he approached the women, you can hear them say, “This is too much. Please get that camera out of my face.” Starr-Street said one of the women assaulted him by knocking the phone out of his hand and bruising his chest.

Gaëlle Claude, one of the two women involved, posted a video on Twitter that showed Starr-Street following her and a friend while on the phone with 911.

Her caption read, “This white man literally stalked us from his apartment for damn near a mile just cause we were at the pool drinking wine and taking pictures. Called the police and all…I cannot make this up.”

Starr-Street told WUSA9 he only followed the women because they were trying to leave before police could arrive. As far as why he originally approached both groups of black women? He said he was trying to get proof that they were breaking a rule.

When officers from the Hyattsville Police Department arrived, they determined no crime occurred and both parties were allowed to go their separate ways. However, both Claude and Starr-Street are planning to press charges for alleged harassment and alleged assault.

People who are commenting about the incidents from over the weekend seem to be siding with the black women involved, showing little to no sympathy for Starr-Street, labeling him a racist. Starr-Street said that is not the case. He’s blaming his actions being autistic.

“My sense of right and wrong is 0 or 100. I don’t care,” Starr-Street told WUSA9. “I’m autistic. I just see right and wrong. I don’t see race. I don’t see gender. I don’t see color. I don’t see any of that.”

He even said he called security on a group of white women at the pool on Monday, but said he never recorded them or called Hyattsville police.

“I think because of the way that my mind works, I don’t always click with other people,” Starr-Street said. “I don’t understand when people get upset over the things that I say or do. To me, that’s just how I feel.”

After both incidents went viral, Starr-Street said he has been receiving death threats, the front door of his home has been vandalized and he does not feel safe living in his apartment.

The Hyattsville City Police Department released a full statement on both incidents that you can read below.

“On the afternoon of Saturday, June 22, police received a call from a man at an apartment building at 3401 East-West Highway concerning a dispute between him and a group of women over the use of glassware by the building’s swimming pool. Police arrived, spoke to both parties, and apartment staff. Because they could not verify that a crime had occurred, the officers did not file a report, and both parties were told they could press charges if they chose to by contacting the district court. This is standard practice in such scenarios. None of the subjects were known to the officers or our police department at the time.

The following day, the police department received two calls from two parties concerning a similar dispute that was occurring on Sunday. The calls came from the same man involved on Saturday, and a different group of women. All of the subjects were unknown to the two officers who responded, as they were unaware of the incident on Saturday. Two of the women alleged the man had then followed them from the apartment building to a business. The man stated he followed them because one of them had slapped his phone from his hand during the initial argument on Sunday. Because officers had not witnessed the alleged misdemeanors, officers told both parties they could press charges if they chose to by contacting the district court. Again, this is standard practice in such scenarios.”

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