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Da Kid Emm

Source: Da Kid Emm / Da Kid Emm

Take a ride around the Baltimore metro area with Da Kid Emm for his latest video “Take A Pic.”

The visual features fun dance moves, a group of friends and feelings that everyone can relate to. “I wanted to make a feel-good anthem that was easy to follow and people could relate to,” said Da Kid Emm. “I feel like nobody can stop me. I’m on a mission to motivate people with my music.”

Da Kid Emm felt that it was important to show the county and landmarks in the city. He chose to use a popular graffiti alley in Baltimore City as well as North Carroll High School in Carroll County that closed in 2016 due to the decline of enrollment.

“I thought the county would appreciate me [showing] the school and I have to show the city that supports me,” he shared.

Da Kid Emm will be performing live at Baltimore Sound Stage on February 24 and is expecting to release 2 EPs this year.

Check out the video for “Take A Pic” below.