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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are Hollywood’s golden children for peaceful co-parenting. The two share their son Sebastian together and they’ve always made sure to publicly put him first. Even with their split back in 2014, the couple has managed to stay on good terms through various relationships with other people.

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One of those things symbolizing their past relationship is Amber Roses’s engagement ring. Which Amber reported to Los Angeles police as missing. The ring that Wiz gave to her over 6 years ago is M.I.A. Sources say that Amber is  “heartbroken” about losing the symbol of her bond with Wiz. She’s hoping that the police somehow find it. It’s not looking too good though, police are having a hard time tracking who could have swiped the ring because Amber has so many people coming in and out of her home.  The ring was worth $150k in 2012. Amber is still hopeful that the police can find her ring.

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