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We all have that one aunt that when she is around acts a certain way, drinks too much or offers you some of her earthly goods. A video posted by Cocoa Butter, shows several different aunties that are in your family. This video will make you laugh and point out one of the aunties in your family.


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This video shows the messy aunt. The one that gets drunk and wants you to join in the fun, but then gives you all the tea on family members. Another aunt might be the one that buys you Bibles for your birthday and Christmas. They also show a bougie aunt that travels around the world and looks down upon people that don’t drink high priced champagne.

She also thinks everyone is jealous of you. The next aunt they talk about is the alternative aunt that is secretly gay. She talks to you about it, drops hints and is very cool. Lastly you have the herbal aunt, the one that eats kale, but smokes weed a lot and even makes you special brownies. Watch the video and tell us which auntie you have.

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