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Chris Brown has been flaunting his new bae around and he is a baddies but don’t think for one minute Karrueche is jealus because she could potentially get an even badder chick or maybe even have her or had her lol. During a recent interview Kae spilled some tea that I didn’t even know she said that she like women too! Now maybe I’m late but I was def in shock. Per TheJasmineBrand Karrueche has not only dated females but is down to do it again.

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TheJasmineBrand reports,

When asked if she would ever be in a serious relationship with a woman, she admits,

Maybe if I found the right girl … the thing is with women, women we understand each other, we are more sensitive and I can be very sensitive and affectionate but then women do not have that male quality.

In terms of identifying herself as bi-sexual she says,

I do not know. I am just having fun, experimenting. I think everyone is sexy, everyone is fine, and everyone is beautiful. But I am going to be with a man for sure I think.

UH OH Breezy hide your bae lol!

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