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Hands down, Cardi B is tired of the fake ish! After last week when Joseline Hernandez dropped a diss song towards Cardi B, she finally had a chance to respond. She logged onto her IG topless to let The Puerto Rican Princess and others know.

“Good morning y’all. Let me tell you something. The people that I work with and my friends, I’ve been around them for years and you want to know why? Because I know how to pick people. I know how to read people’s energy, people’s vibes. So when it comes to the industry, right, when people reach out to me and they’re being genuine with the way they talk to me, I feel when they’re being genuine. And when they’re being fake, I feel the same sh*t too. So basically wat I’m telling you, save your time. Don’t reach out to me, don’t talk to me, don’t like my sh*t, don’t follow me, don’t do none of that. Because I know when y’all are being fake. Everybody that has thrown me shots or every b*tch that says something about me and then I hear that they said something about me, I on gangsta they have told me, ‘Cardi, I love your music. I love your this. I love how you’re working hard. I love how you’re doing this as a woman.’ And it’s like, ‘Why would you do that if you don’t like me?’ Don’t do it at all. Don’t say nothing to me at all. When I used to be a dancer, I used to work with other dancers that didn’t like me, we never had to say anything to each other. So don’t say nothing.”