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99 Jamz Uncensored Presents Cardi B

Source: Thaddaeus McAdams / Getty

The life in lights isn’t for everyone. Even though Cardi B has performed in front of people when she was stripping and even when her music career has taken her across the globe, being “famous” just isn’t the former reality star’s “thing”.

She logged onto social media and vented about her frustrations with this “fame” thing.

Warning: (Video contains explicit language.)

“… it’s so sickening like. It’s so f****ng annoying. I don’t even want to be f****ng famous anymore. I feel like I don’t. I really don’t. I really don’t even care; I just want to make money. Soon as I buy my f****ng house (throws up peace sign). I’m just tired of everybody’s bullsh*t. I don’t bother anybody. I mind my f*cking business. B*tches is popping sh*t all the f***ing time.”

It just might be too much for Cardi B. However, I feel like you signed up for this when you even signed on for ‘Love & Hip Hop’.