It looks like Cardi B may be facing potential legal troubles after she threw her mic at a concert attendee in response to a fan throwing a drink the rapper’s face. According to the Las Vegas Metro Police Department, a woman filed a police report for battery, claiming she was hit by an object thrown […]

The time when Cardi B is supposed to be happy and preparing for the birth of her baby, she is having more issues than I’m sure she expected. Just on the heels of cancelling performance dates after this weekend due to her not being able to breath, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ star has been hit with […]

The life in lights isn’t for everyone. Even though Cardi B has performed in front of people when she was stripping and even when her music career has taken her across the globe, being “famous” just isn’t the former reality star’s “thing”. She logged onto social media and vented about her frustrations with this “fame” […]

Dreams do come true and this year, Cardi B experienced it first hand.

I ain’t gon front…shorty did her thaing at “Made In America“. The Queen Cardi B did bout for joints at the Labor Day concert in Philly this past weekend, but when it was time for “Bodak Yellow”, it was GAME OVER! Please check out the video….and I think she met Momma Knowles as well….. You […]

2 Chainz started creating the hype when he rapped, “When they gon make that Bentley truck” in Jeezy’s ‘Super Freak’. When the trucks came available, everyone began buying them. Now, even Cardi B has one. The former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star showed off her new Bentley truck on the gram. Congratulations to […]