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New week, even more mess on the ratchetness that is Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Well Kirk gets a break tonight he’s not the biggest loser tonight. He’s been catching L’s left and right since the beginning of the season. Tonight that BIG L goes to Shooter, the husband of Sierra Gates owner of The Glam Shop.

We learned tonight that Sierra isn’t good at hiring productive people cause her employees are off the chain. We already met loud ass Mimi last week, Sierra also let her loud ass go by the way.

Tonight we find out another one her employees Moriah Lee is sleeping with her husband Shooter.

Moriah claims Shooter is her side-piece and to keep her from spilling the beans he pays her hush money. UNBELIEVABLE!

Last week we learned that Joc might be the father of Jasmine’s baby after he revealed he slept with a Jasmine from the same club. His now former friend Rod wasn’t too happy to hear that his boy Joc might have slept with one of his women. Rod is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and decides to meet up with Joc face to face.Well the meeting of course didn’t go too well with Joc back peddling all over place blaming his lack of certainty on alcohol and sleep deprivation.

Plus Karlie Redd was there and you know if Karlie is there, things will eventually go left.Observe below:

Oh and what about our new favorite Tommie? Oh you know she turned up tonight.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Tiommie meets up with Treasure P at the spa for what was supposed to be a mild discussion. Remember Tommie is supposed to be a different person. She’s not that same girl in those 20 plus mug shots right?

The civility left the door and the nail tech got the hell out of dodge swiftly before the fruit and fist started flying. Tommie wearing her best lingerie quickly jumped all over a half-naked Treasure P in the spa, before security which we are sure are always on hand for Tommie scenes jumped in.

What a mess! Last but not least, Joseline is looking to make nice with the ladies and invite them all to her video shoot. Joseline is planning on dropping a women empowerment anthem called “Baby’s Daddy” and needs a bunch of ladies for the shoot.

Melissa reaches out to Tammy and Karlie to inform them that her buddy Joseline wants to smooth things over with them. They both were:

But that’s okay Joseline still has Mimi who has already agreed to show up and lend her nail technician skills. Oh each and every episode this show just takes the messy up another notch. We can’t wait to see how Mona plans to outdo tonight’s episode. Until then  have a laugh or two at all the hilarious memes generated tonight’s episode below:


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