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ABC's 'Scandal' - Season Three

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Tonight’s episode of Scandal is the Abby episode, finally. We’re still distraught from what happened with Huck, but the pieces are starting to fall together and it turns out that Abby isn’t the traitor we thought she was (let us all exhale a huge sigh of relief), but it’s worse because she got played. The same agents who preyed on Rowan and Huck got her too. Let’s go back to 60 days before the election.

Abby meets up with the two agents responsible for orchestrating Frankie Vargas’ assassination, thinking she’s going to a donor lunch to discuss money for Fitz’s presidential library. That’s when they reveal that they’re willing to give her money, but not for the library. They “want to be on her team.” Abby is looking at them like…


Because she is on the president’s team. But then they call her bluff. They say she’s too smart to work for Fitz, and offer her $300 millie to do her own thing — which would be eventually running for president. Abby says she’s not a politician but they insist otherwise, but that’s part of the seduction. Abby doesn’t like being in people’s shadow even though that’s where she always finds herself. She is the smartest person in the room next to Olivia Pope and she can’t stand being number two, even if she won’t admit it. Abby declines their request, but the seed is planted, which is what they wanted.

Here’s how that plays out: Later on, Fitz tells Abby that he wants her to run his foundation from Vermont, where he plans to retire and learn to make jam. Abby gets upset about this because she thinks its ridiculous that he would just retire. In her mind Fitz might as well give up, and she basically reads him for filth (all but actually calling him lazy). Fitz is rightfully irked by Abby and reminds her that he gave his all to the country, including losing his son, his marriage, and being shot. The library will be in Vermont whether Abby likes it or not and if she’s going to continue being down then she better get used to the idea. This is the trigger that makes her call the shady agents and tell them she’s in.

But she’s about to realize just how deep it is.

On election night, Abby is completely oblivious to what’s about to happen until she gets a call from the female agent. Said agent tells Abby that things are about to get upsetting, but she better make sure she continues answering her phone. Abby is still like…


Until it goes down.

Frankie Vargas gets shot and Abby’s phone starts ringing again.  Basically, the agents set Abby up big time. There’s no turning back for her because there’s an offshore account with large money transfers in Abby’s name, and if she doesn’t play along then she’s going to jail. She plays her part and it gets worse when she gets to the hospital. She gets a package delivered from the same woman who shot Huck. The package contains long range bullets, and they want Abby to figure out how to get the bullets in the coroner’s examination room and swap them with the ones from Papa Pope (remember, he shot Vargas from the floor, but they want it to look like the bullets came from far away to pin it on their fall guy). Abby declines, but they inform her that they have her man, Leo, and she sees video of them beating the breaks off of him for now, until they get the word to kill him. It’s a hard undertaking to swap the bullets without the coroner knowing what’s up, but she eventually figures it out because she wants to save her boo.

Abby gets back home to find Leo badly battered, but he says he blacked out and doesn’t remember a thing except that they stole his grandfather’s watch. Abby helps him collect his swollen face, but things get worse when she finds out that they pinned everything on Cyrus. Abby calls the male agent pissed that Cyrus is getting framed, but we know these people have no effs to give so dude seriously hangs up on her.


Abby goes to visit David Rosen to make a plea for Cyrus’ life. That’s when she runs into the female agent. Abby bucks up and tells her that she’s going to be sorry because she has friends in high places, particularly, Rosen, and then the agent, unfazed, delivers the line of the night, “I’m a real b—h, you just play one on TV.”


And then David comes out, and greets her with love because that’s his boo. Her code name is Samantha.

Rowan Pope ain’t got nothing on these people.


Now we’re at the scene where Huck is asking Abby for help and informs her that Jennifer Fields is alive. Abby didn’t know this so she uses it as leverage. First she visits Cyrus to tell him that she believes him and that she’s going to go to war for him.

She then puts on her tough girl britches and visits the agents to make a deal. They prepare to laugh her off at first, but gives up Jennifer Fields only if they agree to get Cyrus out of jail. Then we cut to the moment Huck got shot, and then to the conversation we heard last week when the agents inform Abby that Huck doesn’t know she’s involved. But we still don’t know his fate. All we learn from next week’s teaser is that Huck is missing.

Abby is the smartest woman in the room next to Olivia and she doesn’t want Leo to die.


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