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Baltimore Cityscapes And City Views

Source: Raymond Boyd / Getty

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Yesterday, seven Baltimore police officers were indicted by the feds on racketeering charges. What are your thoughts?

lizzo04 This been going on for years. Gonna Continue.

babygirl7275 @drejohnson1 I’m not surprised. It just so happens they were the one’s who got caught. It’s unfortunate & they should be embarrassed.

mickmickisback What I want to say is not appropriate for the radio so let’s just say finally….it’s about time @drejohnson1

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 they are Baltimore city’s pigs 🐷 with shields

jpslater1983 Sh*t sad man just imagine all of the people that’s lock because of these meatballs

teacups96 Not shocking. They probably only investigated because they were crankin that overtime. #HeyNow

blacklivesmatter_scorpion It’s been a long time coming and there are more but It’s a start. I’m very happy about it and 2 familiar cop faces above. 👏👏👏👏👏

dav_v_oochi71 Sad

jaydiesel33 I’m happy the to see somebody’s doing some works around here. I’m happy The feds are in this city we been need this done.because my city is fire and it needs a cool down

mykia_1185 Good. Why black men though

from_thecitythat_reads Is that blue wall of silence gonna come down? Because they damn sure not the only 7 getting down like this…

rocksonadventure I knew Mamadoo when he was a little kid I’d never think this is how is life would end up

igotu_24_7 Its crazy that the get taken down for money and not for taking lives smh

mrscampbell312 Not surprised

newdaynewme_2k17 They Gonna tell on more just So they can Get off

charmcity_photography What? Some crooks work in law enforcement? NO🙄

thundercatjay This isn’t anything new, the cops have been crooked for decades, and we just had 7 indictment for freddy gray, we had commissioners, all the way down to foot patrol officer’s so, you just get used to it

coolblackman2121 This is a gang

realdrewskiidoe It’s nothing new to us !!!!! Just coming to the light now … Baltimore will start a world-wide crack down on dirty cops

nelley7972 Man this really breaks my heart I grew up with Mike, we were 3rd grade best friends. Smh.

bedrmbully69 Unfortunately this is something that’s happening in every city. All I have to say it’s about time, now when are they going to get the rest of them

free2bemearies My thought is it’s about time now go get the rest.

beautiful_tracy24 I’m not surprised. Unfortunately, there are more corrupt officers out there.

briteyes58 I don’t think that anyone is surprised and I’m sure that there are still more than we realized

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