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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Teachers at Tench Tilghman in East Baltimore called out sick yesterday in numbers over brewing city school budget cuts and layoffs. Should the teachers be disciplined?

blacklivesmatter_scorpion I’m very happy that those teacher’s stood up for themselves. It’s enough of Baltimore City Public School System treating these teacher’s like they don’t matter. So No They Should Not Be Disciplined.

mindless_heart88 Yes, all that says is they dont give a f**k about the kids, I understand that they have to pay bills but it’s not the kids fault, take that sh*t up north ave put pressure on the ppl who not paying you not the kids man smh…

thor_1963 Hell no they shouldn’t be punished….teachers already underpaid and have to use their own budget for supplies and now they cutting spending….power to them

masterchefdr @drejohnson1 I don’t thinks so the city just spent millions on a new juvenile center and paid 250k for Baltimore tourist signs but they are cutting teachers ? That’s what’s wrong with the youth now

dreamteam_hcunited No they shouldn’t, are parents penalized when there kids skip school, are parents Penalize when their child bring havoc on the school or classroom for others? No is the answer #breakfastbite hope all parties can work it out

unstoppable215 Hell nawl they shouldn’t be disciplined. Teachers deal with so much man. We expect them to perform miracles on a daily basis and at the same time never backing them up. Like someone stated we spend money on everything else but cut school spending. I voted yes to casinos cause they said money would go to schools. Where is the money?

erinthehorsegirl Definitely not I think more teachers nationwide should do this. Funding for teachers are always being cut across the country. So if parents and the government won’t take them seriously why should they teach. Teachers never get enough credit and take the most abuse but still wake up everyday to go work and teach your future lawyers, doctors, senators, mothers, father etc. I think it is pitiful for people not to stand with these pillars in the communities.

beautiful_brave_blessed No.. They should not. We as a society put so much on our teachers. We want them to teach, parent, be counselors, discipline and a host of other things and not be compensated. They have families and responsibilities. They are like soldiers in war. They are on the frontline. Prayer for the teachers and students…sending luv from the “A”

bigbrneyes You gotta look at it like this, our community, gotta take a stand. Anytime, you have city say, “welp we’ll just layoff 1000 teachers and use that money to build a youth jail… ask yourself, is any of the surrounding 24 Counties in Maryland doing that and why is Baltimore city so eager to do so. So now your forcing teachers to deal with 50 students per class.

ps_love_toya The biggest losers in this equation is the students. I understand they want their voices heard, but they should protest. To leave students without adequate assistance for the day isn’t the answer.

wisdomdread1 You know what we deal with daily with no help and we under paid already and the cutting back people need to know how important we are to the system

1urbangyno If you know anything about that school they are in need ! I stand with them ! And support them in every way ! Baltimore has to do better

whaleyharold When these budget cuts come they will be without assistance for more than one day.

polojr23 I am with the teachers

chocolate_drop_86 ALL CITY STUDENTS’ PARENTS NEED TO BE OUT HERE SUPPORTING THESE TEACHERS! They chose their job because they truly care about our kids’ futures. They have long hours, inadequate pay, and have to spend their own money to get the job done. Not to mention dealing with these parents and all their drama 🙄🙄🙄 I salute them for standing up!

quicheah I’m with the teachers 🤘🏾

z_uniquelyme Absolutely not!!

1nonly_versace_ I’m with the teachers

themr100 No they shouldn’t be disciplined that’s the problem with our people we doing a bunch of talking and complaining about how we are treated, but never want to stand up for ourselves in situations like this.

tree_lovelist I’ve been teaching in childcare for 10 years and people ask why won’t I go to Baltimore city public schools it’s because of things like this.

duanethepane Salute to the teachers for going hard. They shouldn’t have to take half the shit they are barely paid to put up with. Sick out was right on time. 👏🏾

bella_amore_beauty Soon teachers will be on welfare and people are quitting teaching in masses. Education in the us is in major trouble!!

4bratz2many First of all one place there should NOT be layoffs or budget cuts is a school! Second, what about the kids? Did any of those teachers stop to think about them? Smh this is horrible! Everyone loses in situations like these!

asmith_85I think the major point the teachers were trying to prove is to the parents. Not enough parents are speaking up ,or are getting involved in the fight for a Better education for their kids. Half the parents don’t even know anything about what’s happing.Teachers are NOT babysitters! These teachers need the voices of parents to say no, this shouldn’t be happing to mine, or any child’s school.

bmore_style I support the teachers. The way the cuts are going this is the way it’s gonna end up if nobody does anything.

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