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The Electoral College has the final say when it comes to presidential elections, and if the majority of the electors vote against Donald Trump, his position as President-elect will be revoked.

Republican elector, Christopher Suprun, is going against the grain and will not cast his vote for Trump when the Electoral College casts their ballots for president on December 19th.

In a New York Times op-ed, Suprun wrote: I am a Republican presidential elector, one of the 538 people asked to choose officially the president of the United States. Since the election, people have asked me to change my vote based on policy disagreements with Donald J. Trump. In some cases, they cite the popular vote difference. I do not think presidents-elect should be disqualified for policy disagreements. I do not think they should be disqualified because they won the Electoral College instead of the popular vote. However, now I am asked to cast a vote on Dec. 19 for someone who shows daily he is not qualified for the office.

Suprun spoke with Roland Martin about his decision to break rank during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

“He is not a uniter, he is a divider,” Suprun said, adding, “He has a clear conflict of interest financially.”

The Republican elector also cited Trump for showing favoritism by way of his cabinet appointments and explained that Trump is not showing support for hard-working Americans.

Suprun said, “Last night he went after a union boss at the Carrier plant he was supposedly helping and there’s at least 50 Republicans who are national security and foreign policy experts who said during the campaign, ‘He’s completely unqualified and would be a dangerous president.’”

Martin reminded viewers the Electoral College was established “specifically to prevent someone who is wholly unqualified to be President of the United States.”

In 1788, Alexander Hamilton wrote that the Electoral College “affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

Suprun hopes to pave the way for other electors to follow suit and “take the right stand, a stand that is not lazy, but is measured and thoughtful and deliberate.”

While expounding upon his reasoning for withholding his electoral vote for Trump and using it to back someone else, Suprun said, “This isn’t about issues, this is about who should be president and do they meet the constitutional test that’s required.”   

Calling the Electoral College an “emergency break” he said, “We can stop things from running off the rails with this vote on December 19th.”


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