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Silhouette of two lovers. Kissing and forming a heart shape.

Source: levente bodo / Getty


Do you believe in love at 1st sight? Why or why not?

Cristal Lee Yes

Keisha Henson Yes i actually have had this happen

gemini_nailtech Yes I believe. Most of the time it’s just a gut feeling that you trust.

mike.savage.921 Hell naw


comediantydavis It’s never happened to me but I guess anything is possible.

meka2damnmuch I do. But it just hasn’t happen to me.

bbw_beauty89 Yes i married my now Husband after 6 month and on our 1 date he told me i was the one

whthershey209 Yes I do….

allinicoleb Believer ~ energy is more real than words 👌🏾

simplybeautiful15 Yes ‘I witness it myself ✔💯

njn1959 Yes, we pay attn to our soul, hearts.

inklove06 I do now that I seen this pic of Dre! 😍

brucedonya No….how….lust yea

the_kid.k No. only love and lust at first sight

mlcmjk Yes…

_bitter_sweet1 Nah! Everything that looks good aint always good. Love is more than just looks. Love is an action word, it’s what a person can do to you that makes you love them

eye_candi82 Love at first sight to me is when you know in your aching heart that person beats the same heart as you or as one…

mikasmurfbaby No

tee_vision86 Absolutely yes! You attract what you are in life. I am love and light. So love & light is what attract.

teonslife2016 Yes

nastassia_hopkins Yes

trina1815 Lol.. Nope..

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