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A couple is fighting on a couch and the girl is pointing her finger accusingly at him.

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Dre’s #nightcap.. Is it ever okay to snoop through your significant others phone, dm, emails, private papers, ect?

justlikealotus7.20 @drejohnson1 No, but if two are together there should be nothing to hide.

g33zy30 Man what if you stumble crossed it by a mistake but not snooping @drejohnson1

cmmobiledetail Nope it’s not ok if you want to snoop just ask and if you don’t trust your partner then it’s time to separate

nonchalant_clint33 Nah never privacy should be granted along with trust if it ain’t there no need to be in a relationship

murphybaby81 @drejohnson1 no you shouldn’t snoop. If you have to snoop then you should reevaluate the relationship. You should have trust in the person you are with. You know what they say. You seek and you shall find.

dee_223 No..Period

phbaby No it’s not good unless you have a definite reason if not don’t go looking for something because you just might get what you was looking for and more and hurt your own self

gbaby_826 No if you wanna know just ask

n3ptun3_ No. If you feel you need to like it’s something up, Don’t. Just Exit The Whole Situation. No Snooping needed.

meka2damnmuch That’s not a good look that means there is no trust. Unless there is reason but I still think you shouldn’t do it. That’s only hurting yourself if you find something.

dopeleo83 Nope if u want to know just ask but some ppl r not honest

socialbuttafly1993Omg @92qjamsbmore thanks crazy my boyfriend and I just had this argument he went through my phone tonite. He don’t trust me at all but at the same he wont leave either…

michelej410 No just plain and simple no you go searching for something you sure won’t find it your feelings hurt not mine

mzc0c038 No it’s not. I have to admit I use to check my ex husband phone, voicemail & emails. I was insecure & didn’t trust him. It’s not cool & I regret that I did it. I’m grateful I’ve grown up & that’s not who I am anymore.

only1anjelhalford I don’t care if he do I better not catch him but I don’t hv nothing to hide

shima41113 If I did not go thru my xxx husband phone I would have never found out how much my sister and him been fucking and how deep they were and how much they love each other fuck that!!!!! go and do what ever you have to until you find the right one who you don’t have to do this to at all

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