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Have you ever tried on-line dating? Was it a good or bad experience?

Patrice Johnson I was stood up by A dude after smelling all good and looking all good …..
Dude knew he was not coming to the resturant…..yup,I was hurt…but I ordered my dinner,ate (by myself might I add),and kept It moving…..# no more online dating for this sistah’

Antonio Dodson Yessss Dre Johnson I was cat fished, I met her at S&S lounge for a date, she sent me her best friend pictures, get their she looked tore up from the floor up 😆😆 this was last November.

whthershey209 😂😂😂😂. Use it to hook up late night?

nativeluv131 Yes all bad experiences a bunch of men with issues never anyone Normal😅

blacklivesmatter_scorpion 1st. of those eye’s 👌👌👌👌 and the question Yep! Nothing bad to say at all. Expanding my option’s outside of my city #Baltimore 💋💋💋💋

blacklivesmatter_scorpion Just never tell a #Lie

chikabonitagia @drejohnson1 dating, in general, is a bad decision 😂 I’m just out here waiting patiently for someone to sweep me off of my feet.

diorlj Yeah, I’ve tried it. I must one of the few lucky ones to get a decent woman. The first time, she was cool, but wanted too much from me when she already knew I wasn’t in the right mind-set to give her what she is asking for. The second one (currently) is awesome and we loving each other company

1hellavaguy Yup sure have and now the women I met on-line is now my wife.

pink_rozez I tried it before and it was okay we meet up went on a date we were serious and then he start showing his true colors so now we don’t even talk. Man #2 he is cool and right now we are just being real cool friends

urbaninformer Does sliding in DMs count?

drejohnson1 Lol.. Yes it does @urbaninformer

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