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One Dead, Four Wounded At Shooting At Chicago Park

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Coming off another violent weekend in Baltimore. What is it going to take to stop the violence in the city?

Terrence Teel Its going to take everyone , every community , every political official and definitely more police presence… I am so glad to hear you on the air this morning , reminds me of old times.. Miss you man!!!!!!!!!!

Abdul Sidiq Man I wish I had the answer to that question! I’m at the point I’ll try anything!

Charles Smith Let’s start with home…our communities. We talk about it but we don’t get involved. The hell with the politicians, ..law enforcement….it starts with us…the he’ll with the snitching policy on the streets…get involved in your community. If something were to happen to someone close, snitching wouldn’t be a question. It begins and ends with us.

Gerald Smith It’s gonna take a lot of prayer and blessings to bring our people together with the understanding that we are our own worst enemy.

whthershey209 We can start by having more respect for human life. These innocent children did not ask to become part of the violence. When did shooting someone’s kid become ok and acceptable??

justlikealotus7.20 @drejohnson1 Good morning! Us as a people to wake up and realize that, that’s what they want us to do! That’s their plan. The plan to continue to destroy our race! Educating each other and believing that we are truly Kings and Queens and stop thinking that if I kill him or her I’ll be on top smh….

cristalonair GM Booski Some of us need to stop being scared and talk to these young folks….Show them LOVE talk to them about their future help them get what they need….All you need is 1 to help….

from_thecitythat_reads We have to stop believing that because we have black victims, that a black person committed the crime. It’s not a conspiracy theory when you understand that night riders used to ride through black communities and terrorize them. Do we really think these people just disappeared? The police ride through, post up, have a plane circling the city, and have Citiwatch cameras on damn near every light pole….who sounds like they are equipped to know when the coast is clear? I’m not saying we are innocent, but if it is our people committing these murders at this rate, then it’s gotta be a thousand Bishops running around….

goddess1027 @drejohnson1 I’m the one who called about the prayer in the city

giftedpriest We need to build more opportunities that create revenue within our ranks. It’s not an overnight thing but it can happen #freemasonry

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 fathers, Grandfather, Uncles, Brothers and men, stepping up and guide these young men and the right direction or our young men are going to keep doing same things

radical_shy_trafficante Better economics in poverty-stricken neighborhoods

dark_ness1244To be honest marshall law @drejohnson1 and national guard on every street and corner

kokaine_kashh @92qjamsbmore its going to take employment, education, and medication a lot of our people have mental illness and depression issues and mix those problems with all kinds of prescribed drugs and that breeds violence

hollywoodbigsh*t We need a full city rehab. Majority of them so high off these pills etc that they can’t even get focused. No matter what leader you put in front of the violent offenders nothing will change until they have a clear mind and not be afraid to learn. 💯💯 Government Faults so its way bigger than Bmore

keesh029 We need the people in the community to speak up! If you pay taxes, SPEAK UP! I have a few ideas..but we are not ready. So, in my opinion it won’t stop @drejohnson1

erpm3l More jobs with livable wages, affordable after school programs, And homeownership programs or conversion of homes that have been chronically unoccupied into affordable housing units. There has to be a community for folks to feel like a community

saundra805 @drejohnson1 we need a whole city makeover..new officials in charge.. we need the state to give us back all the things they took away like rec centers so our young will have places to go and things to do other than follow the dummy(leader)..send the shooters over seas to be ya war fighters

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