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Does the number of sex partners your significant other had in the past define who they are or give you a certain impression?

Helen Washington At least they have experience. (Kidding). And no, he cannot ask me that question

Rashawn Thompson Hell yeah no one wants to be with a former hoe lol

Tanesha Butler Nope. It’s called the pass

Ashely Mathes Hell yeah

cristalonair Yeah if it’s past a certain number

1stbornson @drejohnson1 we are sexual beings. it’s to be expected. don’t bother me at all.

blacklivesmatter_scorpion I mean why in the world u even be asking questions like that about what took place in that person’s life before u came along especially sex partners? If that was so true really that some are asking this type of question then STds and Aids would really not even come into play ppl. Ohh! Boy! Stop It Smh! Lieing should be a #Disease

his_lucky_lady_98 @92qjamsbmore I got to say no

dutch_master333 I would rather not know as long as she is healthy!!!!!

moon_in_the_day_tv We say it do but We are very much Human and take heed to seekers

s4lff4rst_oth4rsl4st_4xxbit4h Naw unless they reliving their past by doing the same thing over n over again

landocominup Females Yea a freak is a freak aint no way around it

lolazanotti Yes it matters. But hoes be winning!!

platinumpuzzy Nope. A number doesn’t define a person’s character. Experience is developed through “experiencing different partners.” Judging someone based on a number is ignorant.

msstaysmilin Y’all still talking about body counts?

dopeleo83 @92qjamsbmore Ur track record says a lot who u r

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