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A couple is fighting on a couch and the girl is pointing her finger accusingly at him.

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NightCap‬.. Do you like to be matched or challenged in your relationships? ‪#‎thezone‬

rokstarr2 If there is no challenge for yourself how do you meet your match.

kissmychefknife Both! I want someone who can match me on many levels and that can also challenge me in a positive way.

dr_r_saucy Challenged. The primary characteristic I’m attracted to in a man is ambition. So if he challenges my spirit, physical, emotional, even financial growth, I know he has my best interest at heart.

not202_ She should always challenge you to do better in different way.

dopeleo83 Both! I want him to match me mentally physically emotionally and spiritually but also challenge me in a positive way and I know that he wants the best for me

jamanah_is_her_name both zaddy

07_leo_25 Both

she_is_the_exception I love a challenge that helps me grow 💯💪🏽