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‪#‎Nightcap‬.. On a scale of 1-10, how safe do you feel? ‪#‎thezone‬

Tammy T Sapp It’s sad that this question has to be asked that’s how bad it is but it is good you are putting it out. My rating is a 3

Melissa Green I don’t think anybody can really give a 100% honest answer to that question right now given all that’s going on. But I appreciate you Dre!!! Be safe my friend.

Tashia Smith Not safe at all… However, all I can do is put my trust in that man above.

finallyhappi89 0

jay__boats At this point who knows. America is about to have one of 2 tyrannical crazies as president…. Blacks are being shot even when being civil and compliant. I’m gonna say 0.5. Only bc there’s good eggs out there. Other than that hell no! I wanna relocate😒

him_nasty It seems natural to look over your shoulders now as you enter society,so absolutely not champ. You don’t know who to expect it from, feel me..

blacklivesmatter_scorpio I feel safer around my own ppl. than any other race that is for sure. I walk

blacklivesmatter_scorpiooutside this house anytime and never feel unsafe. At least I would know to expect from them my ppl.

beyonkak Not safe at all…. 0%

naturally_janedoe Not one bit 😢

pretay_lorae Negative 1000

suga_n_spice777 0

sheen_bean86 Way in the negatives💯💯

jamanah_is_her_name 0

jaizeb Zero

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