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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. At what age do you think a woman should stop having kids? Why? ‪#‎thezone‬

Dwayne Torain I’ll give a range between 40-45.

Charles Smith Just being able to have kids is a blessing. So in saying that, If a women was in her 50’s and she has no kids and God has blessed with that gift, then so be it. However, if she is already a grandmother with 4 or 5 kids of her own, then Granny needs to think about adoption.

Tammy Also Tina I agree with Charles. That makes sense.

Keisha Henson When God dries up her eggs

Toiya Best Hell when is a man old enough to stop producing……ijs lol Heyyyy Dre!!!

Alichia Angeles Cruz It’s their vagina & their business what they wanna do with it.

Darren Linton 35

Sharbett Morton You got women in their 50s having their first child and find it a blessings from God. I had my last child at 35 and about to be 18 so Dre don’t ask my age…lol…If I was in my 40s I would adopt a child I think it would be that woman’s choice if she wants to have children later in life. Because a man can have them way into his 70s. IJS

cristalonair When she’s ready to…. I don’t have kids and I’m 35 but I don’t know if I actually want to have kids until I’m like 38….. So who is anyone else to tell me I’m to old to have them…..

ladypaige1 I believe a woman should continue to have babies as long as she is physically strong and that she is able to spend a substantial amount of healthy time with his child. I believe it is totally selfish to have a child and not be in position to live alone healthy life with him or her.

ladypaige1 That was supposed to say a long healthy life LOL

whthershey209 Well here’s my theory. She’s not physically pregnant. She probably has a seragant. She will prob stay real low-key until after the baby is born. Just my opinion.

melaninkween7.20 When her heart and God tells her to stop @drejohnson1 If men can reproduce until they are old,wrinkled and gray, why can’t women😒

blackdiamond 35


candykane691 50

katherine4576 30

bigwicks34 When her children start having children…not a good look

i_amaqueen 35

sheza_goal_digger 35 & DEFINITELY when your CHILDREN start having CHILDREN of their own!

gentsphotography Sarah broke the record so I suggest no age limits

tyandnaiah27 After 35

prettiwoman_ Really..why tho janet damn..I say 32.. You don’t wanna be to old having your kids..

w3atherly When she gets tired off pushing them out… wtf …when should men stop

ltsk_7116 As long as you can support them on your own with out public assistance, do what you do

mrsdigital_12 As long as you take care of them (not the government) have as many as you like

kevin0403 50 years old

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