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Couple sitting at bar and looking irritated

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Dre’s #nightcap.. What are some of your dating deal breakers?

DjBunk Dodson Teeth

LaTear Richardson Asking me about my relationship with another dude of no importance to you. Whether pass, present, or potential. If we are not in a relationship and only dating… uhhh..Dude!? Really???

LaTear Richardson Nail biting. You can’t caress me with those sharp wood tips.

LaTear Richardson Dirty nails, teeth, ears, and feet.

Charles Smith Dry conversation or conversation being all about them…bragging rights

Chereese Barrett The persons overall appearance and hygiene if that’s not right I’m done.

Kevin Boardley Bad breath

Johnny Doswell Cigarettes

Helen Washington Asking for nudes, putting demands on sex (it’s coming-no pun intended-don’t push it)

Billie Jean THE BLEEDING GUMS.. but sad

whthershey209 I totally agree. Bad breath. Yuck. And also bad hygiene.

e_thuggin The “Salad eater”….

melaninkween7.20 Yes indeed!!! That breath has to be right. Bad teeth, a bad attitude, bad hygiene and if I am not approach the correct way!!!!! @drejohnson1

sexybosslady86 Nt having no convo

platinumpuzzy Excessive drinking & drug use (non 420)

hardworkingdre Someone that use foul language all the time that’s not lady like

sir_ice6868 I can’t stand a woman who smokes cigarettes is a real big turn-off

sexybosslady86 Nt having much to say,

jonnycage_reptile Fugs*

janette_80 Someone that talk excessively about themselves.

wyasetta Bad breath is minds tooooooo!

s.h.o.nn.i.e Unemployment. I got bills.

seriousluv_jones Lies and turning ya head at every piece of ass that walks by 👊

sir_ice6868 I plead the 5th LOL

octaviateal No job

octaviatea l Yellow teeth

eyesarethewindow2thesoul No ambition ugh

sassydonttakenoshit_43 Bad breath and no job

1stladyene_dmv Talking about himself the whole time.