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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Is it okay to have a sexual relationship on the first date? @92qjamsbmore ‪#‎thezone‬

Tanisha Perry Dre Johnson: Only If U Don’t Wanna Be Taken Seriously, Then Yeah…Otherwise Keep The “Cookie Jar” Closed

Charles Smith I don’t think its a right or a wrong thing. Having sex on the first date is nothing more than acting on hormones. Now if you want to get to know each other than I think that u should wait. Let the curiosity build. Even if u wait awhile and the sex isn’t what u thought about, by now you have invested time and feelings into the person. If u know that your not trying be tied down..go for it….

Keisha Henson Yea if u want. It’s a choice. I have but def made it a one hitter quitter lol

Erica Sanders No no because if you wanted to know each other than you should wait

Tammy Also Tina Unless it isn’t going to be anything other than sexual attraction on both ends without any expectation of feelings then yes no problem with sex on first date but BE SAFE. Yet, if someone wants more and the other person doesn’t then it may be due to a l…See More

Tashia Smith Nope…

Lecarol Davis No No No

Helen Washington Lawd – please don’t make me answer that question!!!! (Hey honey bun!!!)

Chimere Mccoy Theres no right or wrong to this here question. Where’s the rule at in the good book that says you can’t. Sex is only human nature. There is no time limit to wait to have sex. Just a suggested time if you’re a minor….. so bend over and touch your toes on any giving date you choose.. The respectful aspects is what you do afterwards and where you do it that makes it unlady/man like.

who.phil No definitely not how do you know if the have aids . also u barely know the person if u hook up you’re a straight thot

spects There’s a risk that the relationship will be just that afterwards. Getting to know the person first extends plenty of opportunities for later. @drejohnson1 @92qjamsbmore

selfmademikegeezy@drejohnson1 First of all congrats on the new show big bro and i feel as tho if she feel you and u feeling her go with the flow if it happens it happens

blizz40 From a biblical standpoint, most definitely wrong!

tfour1985 If it’s mutual why not? I would not expect it the first date. We all know that when we dating we dating someone who is potential so, let’s be grown, if the person has potential then you already had the thought to yourself like hmm….I just might😀 so you went ahead and went on a date.

naturalqueen_jojo_ Just practice safe sex

donaldjeffriessr It’s not cool to have sex on the first date because than you don’t have nothing to look forward too in the future because you got the goods already.

w3atherly Man f**k that do you … Out here u gotta live your life we praise virgins but won’t wait and be faithful to one or if u do have sex cause u like to have sex u a slut u can’t win with people ever.. anyone male or female can wait for sex that don’t mean shit u might not want to deal the person on a relationship level at the end of the day…

thee_virgodevii At the end of the day we are grown, it’s not right or wrong it’s life

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