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What are your thoughts on the lack of Black History being taught in schools? @92qjamsbmore





Cornell Willis It’s not up to the schools, it’s up to the parents. .. It’s our reliance on what we know is a broken system that is allowing BHM to become obsolete.

Charles Smith There’s been a lack of our history since day one. Reason being, they know that if we knew who and what we are, that our mentality wouldn’t be as enslaved as it is. Though it is up to the parent to ensure that their children has awareness of their culture, I do believe that the school system has a larger part in making the teachings equal to white students.

Vonnie Long We as parents also have to teach our children the history of our ancestors. Help the schools do better in doing so as well, let them know that learning about who we are and where we came from is something to do daily not just once a year.

Keisha Henson Any kind of history begins at home. As parents its imperative that we invest who we are into our children. I didn’t learn that John Hanson was the first African-American president from school or text-book. A fact that I learned on my own in turn i teach my children what I know. It’s the only way for our legacy to live past our lives. If not us then who? Surely isn’t the school system .

Menyon MeMe Dixon-Johnson When mlk birthday came last month I asked my students what can they tell me about him. One student said he was a Singer and other students didn’t know who he was. I’m a special ed sub but while I’m here in The school I will be teaching them as much as I can. But if you don’t know anyone else you know Dr. Mlk. Its sad and these kids are 2nd and 3rd graders. I was so hurt that they didn’t know. Dre Johnson

buckjoneslegend None cause when I was in school they barely taught us anything bout black history unless we did a report essay or something of that nature

deezy_dorite C’MON Dee!!??!!! There shouldn’t just be a month for Black History….We built this country and not by choice or own freewill

1sickcharger They need to teach HISTORY period no matter the race or color me and my daughter listen to you every day going to work and school she just told me they teach it at her school exactly how much im not sure tho im just tired of everything being separated we are all PEOPLE at the end of the day we all breather and bleed the same gm bro #early @drejohnson1

ms.mgr8 Nowadays it’s not built into the curriculum, so it’s at the discretion of the teacher and/or school. It’s unfortunate bc our African-American babies don’t see their race/culture in a positive light, and there is a wealth of knowledge to learn when it comes to our history. Can’t just teach it in one month though.

melanin7.20 The system is not going to teach it! I celebrate all year. One month is not good enough for me. So I feel that it is the parents job now!

mercseven Black history is a hidden history for a reason…we should never expect others to teach us about ourselves, it’s our job to teach our children our history that is rich with strength, determination, and innovation. Jewish kids go to Hebrew school, Greeks go to Greek school…we need to get with it! It’s the oppressors JOB to keep us in darkness. WHAT UP

wbkai I’m a 12th grader at mervo and they didn’t teach it since I been I highschool

daaance_ki You can’t expect your oppressors to teach you your true history. The reason we don’t learn it in schools is because if we all knew who we were, and where we come from, there’s no way they could continue to treat us in the way they do. We need our own schools, and until then we need to research for ourselves. Adults need to learn and pass it own, generation to generation. Other people do it, what are we waiting for?

driver_nation @drejohnson1 we need to be teaching our children black history and stop waiting on someone else to tell our children their history, most inner city teachers don’t know anything other than what was given to them. Parents teach your children, you go deeper… stop waiting for others to tell them our history. #his-story vs #myhistory


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