After all the heat that the NFL is catching due to former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores filling a potential Class Action Lawsuit, the story of Colin Kaepernick is resurfacing itself again. Colin already has a documentary that premiered via Netflix. However, Spike Lee is set to do a multi-part documentary for ESPN about […]


    African Americans started doing more than we will ever be told. That is why we always have to look for the facts on our own. I believe that America has tried to rewrite history and keep blacks that made major contributions to the growth of America out of the history books. Lincoln Motion […]

Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori was stolen from his African Kingdom at the age of 26 he was the Prince of Fouta Djallon which is now called Guinea.  He was snatched from is homeland and brought over to America as a slave in Natchez, Mississippi. Sori asked Marschalk to help him get a letter to Africa […]

You may or may not know Alice Parker and I blame or school system for part of this, but I also blame us for not looking into our history. The heat you can feel moving through the vents in your house or office building is because of her. She was from New Jersey but went […]

Sugar Ray Leonard is one of my favorite boxers of all time. He was from Maryland and was the first boxer to make over $100 Million in boxing purses. Ray had some of the biggest fight in boxing history and he was trained by Angelo Dundee, the same trainer for Muhammed Ali. So, Sugar Ray […]

The History Makers that you don’t know about is who I talk about because we need to be inspired by the people around us. Hazel Rollins Reid is the ONLY Women to hold the position of Secretary Of Energy. President Jimmy Carter was the one that appointed her to the position back in 1977. Source: […]

Ko Show

I listen to motivational speakers all the time and Les brown happens to be one of my favorite speakers. He tells it like it is and he pokes fun at his short comings to let you know that YOU are possible too. The life you live is determined by your thoughts and drive. We salute […]

In honoring those who stood their ground for justice and pushed past adversity over the past few decades, we decided to recreate some of those powerful moments that were actually caught on camera.

The month of February is Black History month and we want to showcase our contributions to the world or the community. Tonya Lewis Lee has been on the move and serious about change and putting out something people can remember her for. Source: Tonya Lewis Lee Producer Folow Me On Instagram NOW @Konan92Q Sign Up […]

A rare photo of Underground Railroad hero and 19th century abolitionist Harriet Tubman sold at a New York City auction for $162,500 Thursday.

Can you spot all her nods to Black history and culture through her fashion?

How well do you know black TV dads?