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Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Presents 'Circus XTREME' VIP Celebrity Red Carpet Premiere

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Ringling Bros. Circus will retire all it’s elephants this spring. What are your thoughts? @92qjamsbmore


Shekella Charity Elephants are the main attraction, I think they should stay.

DoctorRell Bailey Keep the elephants

Dominick Robinson To much abuse to the elephants on the count of entertainment.It’s good there retiring the elephants

urbaninformer It won’t be a circus without the elephants then, IMO. 🙁

dee_223 It’s enough clowns in the city to find some new acts

babygirl 7275 What are they going to add? It still won’t be the same.

mojenation I remember getting the Romeo and Juliette cups and toys. I loved to see the elephants!!! Maybe they should change the treatment of the elephants instead.

whthershey209 It’s probably the best for the elephants. Those trainers treat circus animals horrible.

1sickcharger thats cool because now they can start hiring all these clowns floating around Baltimore lol @drejohnson1 gm bro #Early

cristalonair I’m happy

Leslie Alston Those elephants have been abused for too many years. There are other promotions they can have for the Main attraction. And really, the elephants are not the main attraction, they usually change their main attraction every year, but those elephants made them money. The elephant was one of their main money attractions. Now, they have to get creative and get another money producing

Shawn Kwofi Holmes Good.

ashleybrewton I grew up watching the Elephants in the Circus. they will be missed but I won’t miss the smell @drejohnson1 @drejohnson1

officialsupamega The Elephants!!!…What!!! I’m raising a 1 Year Old That I want to give that experience to see. Sheesh! I guess I gotta take her to a zoo! No reason to go to the circus, especially since Baltimore has made the elephants visiting Lexington Market a tradition in Baltimore…Im gonna miss em tho.

Clinton Turn Good stop using all of em

tjdadjofficial Bout time to be honest

inklove06 @92qjamsbmore I definitely think it’s about time!!! It’s terrible the way these animals are treated for human pleasure and entertainment!!!!

daprincezz118 @92qjamsbmore just being honest without the elephants what do they have literally? Its time Ringling retires as a whole. I’ve been the past couple yrs! Dogs, fake dragons, a motorcycle trapeze act, a llama…Universoul is more dope

majida_a They need to retire them NOW!!!! They’ve been getting away with blatant animal abuse and brutality for far too long! Pathetic ass company. #SayNOtoTheAnimalCircus


Ringling Bros. Will Retire The Elephants

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