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SLUG: FI-HARDHIT DATE: July 7, 2008 CREDIT: Susan Biddle / T

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. The Gov. and Mayor announces a multi-million dollar plan to tear down thousands of vacants and replace them with new developments. What are your thoughts? ‪#‎Baltimore‬ ‪#‎Maryland‬


Cristal Lee I LOVE IT….But I hope it’s affordable for those who live here

Corey Smith Gentrification this is a way for the state to push Us out of the city nothing comes free and we will pay the price seems shaky

Rashawn Thompson Great idea some of these neighborhoods look like 3rd world countries

Mike Graves Just replace the houses the way they r for more family’s to live

Vivian Finch Make them affordable

Kizzie Jones New developments that who can afford….New developments like what new homes, more shops or more properties own by John’s Hopkins or University. What’s good for the goose my not be good for the geese

Nicole Chase Should have been in the makings… But they need to be affordable for all…

Keisha Henson Its Bs why are schools closing if they have that much money smh and yes Gentrification it most definitely is. That whole area gonna b made all over but still my elementary and middle school is closing and my kids was sent home early yesterday because they had no heat smmfh priorities, we see where they lie

Darren Linton I think it will give our City a good look,but on the other hand y not use some of that money to open back up these recs! So our youth will have something to do!

Michael Thomas Its about time. However, black contractors and businesses should be at the table

Joy Luvlife I don’t like the idea of changing the look of the city. Renovate them to look the same. Just take us back in time

Tiffanyl Lunn Make more homeless spot

Etosha Price Make affordable homes for people to rent to own allow them to do some hours in these homes and neighborhoods cutting costs and learning at the same time, and those who can’t help let them help for community hours in the schools.

NoOnes TakingCharge ButMe  Well its about time. I hate driving through the streets of Baltimore and seeing more vacants then occupied row houses. It looks tackie.

Dishae Thomas Yeess as long as they are affordable and they not trying to move us out

Keisha Henson These homes won’t b affordable smh the cost of living here is already sky-high so imagine new developments and their price tags smh

Cheryl Willis Great, those houses were an eyesore!

Raydiva Oneal Why is she trying to do the most on her way Out of office!? #stiffneckStef

Juanita Genia Finney Its been a long time coming…..well as it deserves..

Darlene Dolly Lee What area is this? This is SAD.

Shante Assata Shakur Eley I hope they are reasonable

Ynot Philson Believe it, when i see it…

Sharbett Morton It’s about time to rebuild those communities and give folks affordable housing

Rita Ree Ree Johnson If they are serious about it, I’m all for it because so much of the City looks horrible with all the thousands of vacants everywhere.

Michele Mirage Anderson I believe it’s a great concept. My concern is are they replacing it with housing people can afford. Working from pay check to pay check. Fixed income people. Even folks who have little to nothing. Yes it will be great. If building to sell homes to folks who are well off than no.

Chelle Chelle Good

Sumayya Majid It won’t be for middle class nor blacks I guarantee that

DrTekemia Dorsey Bout time 🏻