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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. How do you feel about being summoned for #juryduty and the selection process?






Long winded smh same ole movie every time I’m down there lol

brucemanors_kuntry I do like MARTIN and rip rip rip it up lol 😂😂😂

whthershey209 It doesn’t really bother me. I feel like it’s my duty as a resident of the city I love. And it’s really not that bad. At Least u get a paid day off work

dvell_ Just pay me more is all I ask

1sickcharger I dont like it but i will take the paid free day off from work #Early gm bro aye dont forget to send them donations in for @baltimoresfinest_autoclub homeless warm nights drive bro 💯👌🏾

__chopp I feels as tho they should hire ppl for that as a job instead of taking ppl from there lives jobs and kids jus to rat on somebody…

jonesounds #BRUH Its major annoying & sometimes intimidating. I rather be at the dentist #YIKES

chocolate7.20 Oh it is soooo boring!!!!! They pay you a whole $15 and think that’s is enough. You sit all day and watch movies😩 They should hire people who want to do it and leave me alone!!!!

jdenise4 I think it should be for those on unemployment. Gives them a little extra cash.

thelovelylt25 I gladly do jury duty and I have a career. African Americans need to do it so we don’t have cases like Trayvon Martin where the killer walked because we were not apart of the 12 jurors.

in_vaughn_we_trust What @thelovelylt25 said

hashtag40 Love it! A break from work🙌

hittindascoops I hate it. Automatic guilty.

elite_hundo Hate everything about the court system.

ambitious_45 If it makes Baltimore a better place to live I’m with it.

tjtheruss_ Its necessary for justice and its our duty, but personally I despise it

trickytreez The process in bmore to long. You miss a whole day of work for $15. That’s a joke. I’m impartial already.

ba1oo I hate Jury duty. That’s the main reason I don’t want to move back into the city. It feels like you get called in every year.


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