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Washington Washington Football Team v Baltimore Ravens

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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What grade would you give the #Ravens win against the #Browns on Monday Night Football? #Ravensnation #Baltimore #bmore




Rashawn Thompson C+

Tavon Davis As a whole unit….B-

Marques Dent I would give them an H for heart. Baltimore we strong and we showed who we truly were last night.

Keisha Henson W a win lol at this point that’s all that matters is if we win

DoctorRell Bailey C- for Matt Schaub. Will Hill’s GW gives the Ravens secondary a C-

Running Game a B-.

Chereese Barrett Forget the A,B,C,D,E or a F….. I give them “W” for WINNINGGGGGGG!!!!!

Pat Bush-Johnson I say them boys fought to the very end i give them a b+ bit they need to find a stable qb….

Tee Denton They did the damn thing. Winnnnnning, is all I can say

Toiya Best I give them an A for fighting all the way to the end. I don’t know about y’all but I saw a difference in the offense. Yes Schaub threw two picks but so what, Flacco throws Picks too. It was an amazing win!!!

seancracker A+

brucemanors_ kuntry They get an A+ but everybody all the fake fans please fall back kuz yall was beating down them keyboards last nite #RavensNation #NuffSaid 💯

jpslater1983 A

mufasa_del_rey B+. West and Aiken were hungry af out there. Shaub was ehh. Clay was a great pick up. We need a safety and our coverage in the middle was butt. A dub is a dub tho and I’ll take it any day lmao

iamdjbunk B+ Because of the two int’s, but great game still and amazing finish to the night…. Gm @drejohnson1

hotsauze128 A+

loyal_nek A because our backups showed up and showed out. #teamRavens

stoneyt45 B, good job!!!


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