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Friday the 13th on calendar

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. ‪#‎HappyFriday13th‬! Name something superstitious people think is bad luck?





Cristal Lee Cutting poles……

Rashawn Thompson Letting a Black cat cross your path

Dorethea Stepney Taylor Never Buy a man a pair of shoes, he will walk out of your life with those shoes on.

Tanisha Perry 1. Splitting Poles 2. Blk Cats Crossing Ur Path 3. Walking Underneath Ladders

4. Step On A Crack, Break Ur Momma’s Back

ordinarylove41 Don’t split the pole

nurse_btty Don’t put your purse on the ground , or you’ll go broke

baltimoresfinest_autoclub Dont go into the new year without money in your pocket or you will be broke all year lol Gm family

delynn67 Don’t sweep her feet with the broom

ms__integrity832 people can’t split poles, it’s bad luck

jpslater1983 The blk cat cross your path crap 😒. Gm homie

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 That black cat crossing my path. I will take a detour with the quickness

ravenet4life Dont stand under an open umbrella in the house. A man should be the first person to walk across the doorway on New Years Day.

jonesounds Step on a crack, break your Mom’s back #YIKES

whthershey209 Breaking a mirror gets u 7 years bad luck

lavishbylexx If a broom touch your foot spit on it, if your right hand itch you gonna get some money

msladyc01 Sweep someones feet with a broom

_boat Putting a hat on the bed is bad luck

cupcakematters Don’t talk about someone while your pregnant, your baby will look like that person

mickmickisback My gma used to say “never let a pregnant woman do your hair bc it will fall out”

shanicakes0902 Never buy a man shoes, he’ll walk outta your life 👞👟👞👞👟👟

shanicakes0902 Don’t open an umbrella in the house🌂☔

kara7200 To split a pole 😂😂😂

shanicakes0902 Never whistle in the house. Supposed to invite the devil in. 😈😈

shanicakes0902 If someone sweeps your feet, spot on the broom. If you spill salt throw some over your left shoulder…. Ok ok I’m done. Buy I know a lot more. Coming from a veerrryyy superstitious family!!!


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