Derrick Rose

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Poor Derrick Rose.  No he isn’t the recipient today.  But the one who is getting it a lady named Monica that he had an elicit affair and group sex with.  Word is she alleging that he and some friends broke into her LA pad and gang raped her.  Derrick ain’t having it.  He did agree to repay her for some SEX BELT that was supposedly broken during the consensual tryst.  But ertime he asked for her paypal info, the money never showed up.  They said that the girl was in her bag cuz money started to get tight, and she needed make them ends meet, so she concocted the whole rape story.  She is seeking millions, 21.5 million to be exact, but guess why they said some text messages are proving this is a hoax and she wants the money for?  PLASTIC SURGERY.  This is just insane.  So you mean to tell me, she is allegedly going out of her way, he’s declaring his innocence which could ruin his whole existence, but this chick wants to become faker than a 3 dollar bill off his coins.  The world is coming to an end.  Read more here on what is being reported by TMZ.  The trial is scheduled to begin in 2017.  This is beyond Out of Pocket and she is getting the award today.

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