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Source: Gary Dineen / Getty

Man listen, it’s one thing to be a ordinary JOE SHMOE and be racially profiled.  But when you are an NBA player and this happens to you and it makes headlines, then an award is soon to follow.  Milwaukee Bucks power forward/center John Henson was jewelry shopping and was racially profiled when a prejudice store employee tried it by not letting Henson, that has a contract worth 44 Million in the store.  To make matters worse, the employee eventually let Henson in, but not until he requested an officer present while they peek at Rolex’s.  It was the officer that told the employee, YOU DO KNOW THIS IS JOHN HENSON of the MILWAUKEE BUCKS, right??!! (well not those exact words but you get the point)  Henson was not only hurt, but he released a statement that his feelings was hurt and all.  The owner has since released an apology.  But nobody cares, the damage is done.  So YOU, YOUR EMPLOYEE and YOUR STORE are getting the award SIR!!  Not gonna eem say the name of the store, cuz they OUTTA POCKET!!