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American people wave flags at political rally. USA.

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If the presidential ‪#‎election‬ was held today, who do you think would win? @92qjamsbmore


@DreJohnson1 Not sure but America will lose cause no1 is speaking 2 or 4 the citizens being brutalized by police, the poor & uneducated*GM☺

— larri alston (@larrialston) October 13, 2015

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js@DreJohnson1 Donald (Bozo the Clown) Trump.

— Dynamic511 (@dynamic511) October 13, 2015


MrTerrence Teel Trump! Only because he is popular. lol

Kevin Boardley Donald trump

_koolkid.s_ @drejohnson1 I think Ben Carson might win

whthershey209 Tough question. I think Ben Carson has a good chance but there’s a lot of quiet people who might want trump in there. Although I honestly think he won’t win but u never know.


liss_plus3 To be honest I think Donald Trump might win.. Because there are plenty of idiots that think like him and have the money to back him up.. Smh

iamdjbunk@drejohnson1 gm dre, It’s tight race as far as the polls, but come nov and dec, I think it come down Biden and Clinton vs Bush Carson, trump is on his way, reality is sitting in that Trump is only in the election for his own greed

grandman1126 DONALD TRUMP… by a LANDSLIDE!!!! SMH

prettyteefus The people saying Donald Trump are just as foolish as Donald Trump. People say he’s leading in the polls, but never asked what polls. Polls asked and answered by whom. It’s not general audience being asked. But please, continue.

eboni_2 Doesn’t matter who is President…Jesus is always King!!!

_siriam_ Kanye West

opheus_gentlebreed Hillary Clinton I think we as African Americans have to come out and vote again like we did for Obama

Harry Hughes Haven’t really decided just yet, but if you don’t vote don’t cry about whoever gets in the White House. Make your vote count!!

Pebbles Lewis Dre Johnson Trump because he represents the ignorance of our country. I think that they should get someone in office that isn’t rich, cannot be bought and really care for America instead of being corrupted and sell us out. We need an average Joe that’s not going to take others crap.


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