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We have heard of Jesus taking the wheel.  But have you heard of Jesus paying your BUFFET BILL?  Well a lady by the name of April Yates, from South Carolina, tried her hand at an all you can eat and got arrested.  Why did she get arrested?  We she knew before she went to the all you can eat, she ain’t have NO money.  She had the audacity to keep making plates for over 4 hours.  The management asked her to leave because she was outta pocket.  And not paying.  After the police arrived and asked the woman to leave, but pay her bill.  She said she didn’t have the Young Moolah.  Then when asked well who was gonna pay for it, Yates said, “JESUS”.  You know what!! He died for your sins, but nowhere did it say you can throw food down your trap for a few hours and he’s gonna stop passing out blessings, to make sure your tab and tip is paid.  Ms. Yates you are getting the award today, not only for the hours you sat and being kinda obnoxious with others that wanted to eat too, but for just being a MESS!!  Here are photos of APRIL and the full story


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