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Ray Rice

Source: Rob Carr / Staff / Getty

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Cleveland Browns head coach told Sport’s Illustrated that they have talked about signing #RayRice. What are your thoughts? Click to get the full story!


@DreJohnson1 yes he does. People have done worse and got second chances

— Dynamic511 (@dynamic511) August 12, 2015

Mike Savage Good I’m glad that the Cleveland Browns want to sign Ray Rice he deserves a second chance he no he made a terrible mistake

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Awesome!!! And if they do, I’m a new Browns fan Bokah Pianh Worjoloh Do it. Let he who has not sinned throw the first stone…

Gains Bond DESERVES? I dunno about that..

Kevin Boardley Yes Im happy for Ray rice sign with the Cleveland browns

Christy Gray Yes ….Go for it Ray

Jeanette Harvey Yes!!! I am happy for Ray Rice, he’s a good guy that made a mistake, as we all do…

Pamela Closertomydreamz Boom Great let that man get back to work!! You can’t punish him forever. His wife has forgiven him, who are we to judge!! #bringraybacktobmore ️️💯💯💯

Menyon MeMe Dixon-Johnson Good for him

Jay Truegentlemen Tillage I always figured it would be either the Steelers or Browns, he’s going to love playing us twice a year.

Ed Brown Good

Roslyn Smith I hope they sign him !!!

Dejon Thompson He will do awesome.. was never a bad player on the field.. he mad a bad decision that he learned from..

Timeka Wright Go ray!!

Katrina Truitt Best wishes Ray! He still has to feed his family…

Bee Chelle Ray deserves a second chance. I do Not…See More

Harry Hughes He made a mistake that does that he shouldn’t he does deserve another chance. He still has a family to feed.

Lisa Henderson I pray they do. He deserves a second chance.

Sean Hill Every black man deserve a second chance white people always get them.

Selena Ravenet Hinson Great for him!!!!

Sonya R Davis Awesome

Nakia HotChocolate Alize Wilkins Everyone deserves a second chance. I don’t see why he’s still being punished for something he’s already been reprimanded for. JMT

Norman Jones They’re trying to distract the ravens because we beat them a lot It’s a high risk low reward situation. It’s not like they’re going to be super bowl contenders or division winners whether they add him or not..

Juanita Foster-Anderson Awesome news

Newton Mildred Do it already

Darin M. Bronson He deserves a second.. All these other knuckleheads getting three and four chances!

Lisa A Hawkins Do it Browns

Louis Armstrong Sr. I say go for it ? He deserves an second chance and he will be motivated to play again. He will run that football for his dear life

Nyeasha Smith I hope they do. Everyone deserves a second chance. No one is perfect.

William Crawford Good for him

Dwight A Knox Jr What do they have to talk about what they got to lose they not even a 8 -8 team stop playing games y’all need him

Fro Skola I wish him the best! Just dont get 100yards rushing on us!

Maria Brownley Yes because he deserves another chance

Sheilah Sanford I don’t care what team he plays for as long as he get to play. #secondchance

Dontae Frink Let him play

Tameka Livinlifelikeiwant Smith I really hope they do. He deserve a second chance

Janai Crawford My boo deserves a second chance

Tara Fisher Hell no

Troy Dennis sign him!!!!!!

Bijou PrettyEyes Wilburn Good


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