FBI Release Images Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects

Source: Handout / Getty


Who THIS?  Glad you asked.  Today the young man notoriously known as the “Boston Marathon Bomber” Dzokhar Tsarvaev is the recipient of the BBAGIT award.  Not only was he convicted for being the mastermind of the whole Boston Marathon Bombing, he now after 2 whole years and numerous deaths, says “I am sorry.”  SORRY??? Bruh, we all for forgiveness, but now that he himself has been sentenced to death, it’s honorable to apologize, as that is supposed to be a way to make peace and get forgiveness from Allah, since Tsarnaev is Muslim.  But his sorry won’t bring back those whose lives were maliciously taken, nor will it revoke his death penalty.  Never understood why people do something so drastic, then when they think about it, they feel so sorry.  So today he gets the award for throwing his life away, for NOTHING.  Sorry Tsarnaev. We aren’t the only ones that feel this way. One of the survivors was on CNN and said “I don’t think he was genuine” with his apology that is.


If you want to recap on what is being reported click here to get fully updated on the whole story on the CNN website in regards to the Boston Marathon Bombing. <<click here



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