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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬… What are you thoughts on the church shooting in Charleston?



Kizzie HoldingItdownsolo Ray I think it’s a really sad situation! It shouldn’t be no ifs, ands, or buts about the shooter getting life

Kevin Boardley Crazy and dumb

Chereese Barrett Hurt, disgusted, disbelief and some other choice words I can’t say because you can’t say on the air because you will get fired on the spot about the shooter and his roommate who could have told the authorities he knew the guys plans 6 months ago. Smh!

MrTerrence Teel As with any horrendous situation , this is an especially sad and the reform of the legal system will show its face.. Be prepared

Keisha Henson My prayers go out to the victims, and their families. Not giving him any life or thoughts. It is my hopes that healing and peace will be amongst those grieving, and I pray for us as a people. So sad…God bless us all…

Tee Denton I think that was totally ludicrous. If that was black person, he would’ve got killed on the spot. There is no help for our world. Smh, tears

Toiya Best It’s very sad! I’m even more disgusted that they are saying he has mental issues. Why isn’t he labeled a thug, murderer or a terrorist??? He gets to wear a bullet proof vest when he walks out, he is no better than Anyone else that commits murder. I’m pretty sure he’s going to get the death penalty down south which is the right call!!! Gm Dre!!

Charles Smith No words or action can express the way I feel. I wanna see something really bad happened to that boy who did this horrendous crime..I want him to pay..I want him treated badly once he steps foot in the prison..and im just being honest…this is what im feeling in the flesh….man crucified Jesus Christ..”they will hate u because of your love for me the scripture says. I pray for the families and also the young man who did this..Its the only way to get thru times like this…GM Drizzy!

Cristal OnAir It’s definitely depressing…..

Renee’ Scott-Richardson  My prayers go out to these families, n to the gunman cause he have to live with this for the rest of his life.

Shawn Manning The hate racist whites have for blacks baffles me.i mean we don’t have super it because we didn’t want to be slaves anymore?is it because we can stand the sun a little bit longer than them?i just don’t get it.and for this kid to say he wanted to hurt black people because we’re taking over.he’s clearly ignorant to the fact that white supremacy have been and still runs the world.and why is no one questioning his background.who taught him this hatred?

Tanisha Perry Just A Reminder That RACISM Isn’t Over…Very Sad When People Can’t Attend Church w/o Wondering If Their Life Is Gonna Be Taken!!

Marcil Seibles Good morning Dre Johnson this is sad that he took their lives like that and he should be on deaf role

Lakendra Schwendig It’s very sad and the talk is death penalty I just hope they go forward with it.

yapeepinass So very sad.

doeboyr7 It’s puts us as African-Americans in a tough spot because you wanna react in the same form yet most of us understand all people don’t have hatred and aren’t racist. It’s a sad situation and it seems like times are going backwards instead of forward!

daddydiddatt I think it’s time for us to have our own lynch mobs for people like him Zimmerman darren Wilson etc and start showing the world there will be more consequences if you kill someone and I’ll Community instead of depending on a system that wasn’t setup for us from the beginning

kellyann It sets our racial divide back another ten years. It’s not fair. Dylann Roof is an evil person. May god bless all of the families involved. At the end of the day we all need to realize that we all bleed red. There is but one race and that is the human race.

loyal_nik That goes to show how much black people are still hated so much in this day in time.

d8v1 It goes to show that we have to look out and protect our own, because we do not commit mass murder and still get mistreated by police and the media. When they paint their criminals as crazy

mr_tmason Simply history repeating itself.

loyal_nik After Obama became president it seem white on black crimes are happening more they see more blacks becoming more powerful everyday. They hate it they can’t stand it .😏God bless the families who lost there loved ones in all these senseless murders.

daddydiddatt we gotta stop doing the same things and expect something different WE BEEN PRAYING MARCHING and expecting justice the faster we learn its no justice on stolen land that got it’s wealth from slave labor it

foxytbaby_ I just get disgusted that when Black people are arrested, an unusual amount of force is used whether the suspect is armed or unarmed and when ARMED and DANGEROUS whites are arrested, they get a vest and a soft touch walk to a waiting car.

daunshay Two words: gun control!!!

dave__da_great Man it’s sickening it’s so hard not to be angry ..pissed off or disgusted at this whole thing. He reasoning alone is just beyond belief I have family down in Charleston and it was a scare for me. My heart goes out to the families of the fallen 9. Another thing that is very upsetting is why wasn’t he handled like Freddy ..or travon or mike brown…I know he was armed and extremely dangerous ..but yet he being protected by a bullet proof vest..he wasn’t slammed kicked or have innocent kids at a pool party..slammed and beat for being black her murders 9 innocent black people and they move him like he is the president.. It’s just sick. I don’t feel safe as a black man and I feel as a black father the only way to protect myself and my to carry my own protection.. Were being hunted @drejohnson1

tothebreakofdawn Its sad beyond words. There are too many heartless people in the world. When you are not safe in the house of the lord you aren’t safe ANYWHERE. We are in our last days. #stayprayedup

cutee323 Beyond hurt, the most sacred place on earth was violated!! You are definitely supposed to be save while praising the Lord. Every time I hear someone deny racism exists something happens to show them they are wrong. God bless the family and friends of the deceased persons.



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