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 Childish Gambino rocked the stage Infield and the horse with the most swagger, American Pharoah dominated on the track!


I had a hunch that Childish Gambino would give a good show, especially in B’more because like he say’s in the below video, he has something to prove.

 I say especially in B’more because unlike, NYC and other cities, he doesn’t get much play on-air here. Well today I hear he silenced the doubters, murdered the stage and even had females throwing their panties up on stage.  Go Him!  

…and Go American Pharoah!  

This stallion was the crowd favorite and mine too.  I know nothing about horses but when I watched the video of A.P. galloping on the field, I knew he was gonna kill it.  I swear that horse trotted out with real swagger and the others, not so much!

 Big Congrats to American Pharoah and jockey, Victor Espinoza!

Maybe this swaggy stallion could take the Triple Crown! 

That would be Epic!

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