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Family Of Tony Robinson Holds Press Conference At Site Of Police Fatal Shooting

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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. How do you feel about the Mayor & Police Commissioner’s response to the Freddie Gray incident?

instamoe_1576 They killed that young man bro….. And I hope justice is done across America these cops are killing and harming black kids all kids with no consequence how was he before he was placed in the van vs after they did something to harm him and they need to be held accountable

prettyteefus Gray’s family and the City deserve a thorough transparent investigation. This takes time. Many times, the truth is clouded by what we think rather than what we will learn. Patience.

therealhb12 We need to diversify the people on the force so that there isn’t so much prejudice.

7.20cancer @drejohnson1 I think it was nothing, but a bunch of bs. Justice has to take place soon for all!!

kushingtonsteele At this point does it even matter how they respond and what they do Freddie still gone and give it a couple of weeks the next set of cops will be up for a publicity run by killing another innocent black man.

daunshay It’s sickening and senseless 🙏🏽 prayers for the family

410_oh It’s not about what she says but what actions she going to take….#Flatout

djbunk1058 He’s a member from my hood, our community wants justice for this young, enough with the killing of black men in America, it stops here, mike brown and Trayvon martin, the killers walked, not any #justiceforfreddie

bosschix81 It’s sad…y don’t anyone find out now what happen …y do we got to wait till da 1st of May …n where r da cops at dat did dis to him….smh

lovemy4boyss It’s just very sad, God bless this family….

nyzblue The Mayors response was weak. She is definitely protecting BPD from a lawsuit. This man died while in police custody. Therefore the police are responsible for his death. #BlackLivesMatter

foxytbaby_ What is so disheartening is that officers think that they have the right to search, harass, and inconvenient civilians because they have a badge. I don’t all of the details but if this young man was arrested for having a knife clipped to his waist band, I’m sickened!! The blatant disregard that they took when even dragging him to the party wagon was sickening and the mayor and commissioner are both very full of sh** (crap, if you read it on air) police officers need to be held accountable for their ill actions!!!

tay_anthony Enough is enough with police brutality and overuse of force.

Nina TakingCharge Zamora Once again a lot of blah blah blah. Gm Dre.

Vernon Branch Ummmm sheila Dixon wya

Chereese Barrett A bunch of wuh! Wuh! Wuh! Like the teacher off of the peanuts and don’t understand anything she is talking about that’s exactly what I thought about it what they were saying.

Donnell Barnes I feel it’s not enough no answer just stall tactics while they conspire a cover up

Melody Mello Miller Singing the same old songs!

Slew Rockson I feel like the Baltimore City Police department needs thorough cleaning

Leslie Alston I understand their stance in the situation. First, of all! My condolences to the Gray Family. Both the Commissioner and The Mayor know they are liable. You can see it in their expression.

Charles Smith I think both of them should go to the movies this morning when they open…go to the very front where no one is sitting and have all those seats….there response was scripted and just to save face.

Tom Jackson All I see is the mayor and the police commissioner doing is giving the citizens of Baltimore “lip service” and eventually they will start playing “the blame game” on who is at fault. Everyday politics. If you are a fan of the mayor, find a better person to look up to.

Mark Hill I just don’t understand. How when this happens all around other places in the country! We get so outraged. Then when it comes right in our backyard. We the citizen’s of Maryland/ Baltimore seem like we are not even motivated or mobilized to get out and make a show of dissatisfaction in this injustice! #standuppeople

Patricia Ray Its time to revamp the police department because if not its gonna get worst before it gets better and we need a mayor who is about change!

Erica Ladyb Hailey This was the hood i grew up. Got my first apartment at age 16 and it is true this hood raised each other and are like family. Although i don’t live in the area anymore my heart is broken to see it is being swept under the rug.


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