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If you follow me on IG or Twitter, than you may know that I also work in Dc, with the Liberal Media Personality and Journalist, Bill Press. The Bill Press Morning Radio and Television Show, so far has been quite a drastic change compared to working in music radio, specifically urban radio in Baltimore.

The whole tone of Capitol Hill, is just so different, than anywhere I’ve ever worked. I have met some pretty powerful people and amazing folks that are really trying to make progress in this country but I will also admit that it’s a town that can be very snarky. I also find that people are usually a little more cautious with their words, specifically when it comes to matters of race, sex, etc.. They tend to be a little bit more P-C.

So could you imagine my surprise when I came into work, a few months ago, and learned that we may be doing a weed sampling on air. Say what now?

The half baked plan was in celebration of decriminalization in the district.  It was an actual show idea for consideration but after running the idea past legal, the BP team decided put the wake and bake session on hold.

Instead, we kept a big ol jar of Sour Diesel on the news desk for a portion of the show. We also had the head of NORML on as a guest to discuss what the law changing meant. To be honest, I was surprised at just how loose my boss and coworkers were about this. I was also surprised that many of the reporters that come on the show, are pretty casual about the topic as well. I’m sure today is gonna be full of 420 fun on-air.

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Click the video above to see my dramatization / parody of that day,  in the trailer “High On The Hill”

and in celebration of 420

check out The D.A Interviewing Wiz Khalifa below, back when he just started to hook up with Amber Rose but didn’t want to discuss it lol.  He also talks about weed, his usage, and gardening.

What do think?

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