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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. The City plans to issue a $250 fine for parents double parking at school drop-offs. What are your thoughts? 


always_going_2_b_me They have fine ways to get some money

_britt_nospears They will find a way to make money off the city some kind of way it’s just stupid

mzbonitaapplebum That is some straight B. S. Every other day they are trying to find a way to tax us! Wtf?

chinadol01 Certain schools don’t have parking for the parents. Smh this city sucks!

jpjp1983 If it ant about the moneyyyy.

closeuprdy At a school, the reason for the double-parking is obvious (I gotta pick up my youngins) Fine the people that park in the middle of the street next to a empty space by the curb.

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 The people that run our city act like dope fiends always scheming

closeuprdy If the schools came up with more systematic ways to dismiss instead of letting 600 students leave at one time, the first grade parents could grab their kids and leave… 5 minutes later, the 2nd grade parents could get their kids and get low… And so on.

kissme_kima Are you serious. You guys will find anything you can to make money off of people. They know for a fact parents dropping their kids off only pay attention to getting their child inside the school, safe and secure. Not double parking. Somebody need to keep tabs on the law makers, to see if they follow the rules. How many of their tickets will get thrown out

1glass1bottle Who gonna give the tickets out a police officer waste of city resources that officer could be somewhere else heavily infested with drugs an crime

phenomenallywhitney @drejohnson1 so let me get this straight: she drags her feet when it comes to trash collection and body cameras for police, but she signs this bill with a quickness?!The majority of these schools have little to NO parking! What are they supposed to do? This woman needs to rethink her priorities!!

waynedaasshole I find this to be petty but there is some parents just as petty. I drop my daughter off every morning. People will park blocking you in. And will get out they car and just look at you like you was wrong for parking the right way.

foxytbaby_ They SHOULD! It’s grossly inconsiderate to people who live on those neighborhoods who also have to go to work, appointments, etc. The parents are blocking those people in. Find a parking space and walk your lazy ass (bleep) from the legal space. Have a good one!

foxytbaby_ And statistics say that majority of crime doesn’t happen during those hours

lovely_louden Yes…Cuz I work at a school bus company and that blows me when they double park …We can’t even pick up our kids on time.. Parents that’s double park will park right there til their kids come out and the kids be in school running around playing…If not they need school police to refuse them to park..

irock20pearlz @drejohnson1 Everytime you post something about the city collecting a fee (like every other normal city does), folks get angry. You can’t change negative behaviors magically. You have to send a message loud and clear!

landonsnonny Yes they should. Try getting out of a parking space or driving up Madison Ave when The School of Art gets out. Those inconsiderate parents take up the whole left lane for 2 blocks. I’ve seen them actually park and get out. But if I don’t put a nickel in a meter they tow my car.

living_lovin13 Drop off zone means just that…and parents shouldn’t take advantage but however the SRB is pathetic because the city is in a so-called debt and they getting ready to collect any way they can

Michael Thomas I agree. Parents are rude and to lazy to park and walk up.

Antiwan Johnson Fine them

Shamica Banks Schools need more parking space

Shamica Banks Fine everybody who double parking not just parents

Andrea Alston The teachers take up the parking spaces if they had their own designated parking parents would have a place to park..

Courtney Howard-Coleman They should

Dorian Mccormick-Butler Yea, ppl double park everywhere. Y bother parents who are dropping children off. At least they care enough to transport them to school. I see children walking or catching the bus by themselves all the time n that bother me more than double parking.

King Darrius It is a school drop off, so they want you to slow down and let the kids get out while the car still moving?

Coco Mikele Hey Dre next time u see me as a bartender at sky lounge speak lol but I believe they should have been did it and I’m speaking as a parent some parents be to lazy and inconsiderate of others by doing that especially when your child school is on a busy streets they will even stop in the middle of the street put blinkers on and hold up traffic to let they snotty kids out lol

CenfullylovingGod Brooks Always wanting a dollar, find programs for our youth.

Michael Thomas Parents double park and block you in. They block traffic. It’s not safe for the kids. The schools should block the entire street and make the parents park and walk down.

MrTerrence Teel SMH.. They need to fine the parents or guardians of the teenagers and people over 21 still living with their grandmother for loitering ..$250.. and to escalate 100.00 for additional occurrences.. No but you want to fine parents who are doing the right thing by bringing their kids to school.

Dorian Mccormick-Butler Right, y make it harder for parents to take care of their children. Some ppl may be inconsiderate but not all and u have a lot of grandparents taking children too who may be unable to walk distances. Maybe fine them if it’s a long time but for a regular drop off, that’s inconsiderate

Clinton Turn Damn this shows how bad it is out here smh

Shawna Purpose Driven Cheatham Our school closes that block off to traffic.Why not have a designated pick up /drop off area??? There is usually nowhere parents can park and transition children safely.

Aaliyahs Page GOOD im glad because its a mess at my daughter’s school and people are so damn inconsiderate!!! SOME of us do have to get to WORK!!! #aintnobodygottimeforthat #earlymorningshenanigans

SweetasCaramel Anderson Another reason to dig in your pockets..are they going to invest that $$ back into schools..we know the answer is no. Baltimore the city that fails cause they put time & effort into frivolous things as opposed to investing into their kids which is their future..

Tanaye Brooks I have mixed emotions. 1

Dorian Mccormick-Butler N I’m sure it will only be done at Baltimore city schools not county because they have roundabouts to make it convenient for drop off n pickup.

Keisha Henson Pahahaha yea ok they need to get the money from the casinos to put to the schools so that they can b renovated and have enough space but I def can’t stand this stupidity. Esp when I have to get to work and it’s a car blocking me in. Gm btw

Toiya Best Must be the way for the city to work on their deficit. Again I say the city and its officials are a hot damn mess!!! Will do anything to get a buck!!!

Dorethea Stepney Taylor Just another ‘cash cow’ for the city. This does not address the issue of nowhere to safely drop off children. All schools should have a designated drop off loop.

June Lewis About time

Simon Simon That MAC makeup must be getting too expensive for the Mayor aka Lipgloss.

Shonda Weaver Dont be so quick to judge…most of these street signs u cant park for five minutes either a street sweeper or a person taking up two spots. the city want money for everything #newmayorneeded

Denise Lumpy Robbins Insane


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