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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Three Morgan State football players were stabbed on campus yesterday. What are your thoughts? #Baltimore #Bmore #Maryland


louxurr Just making Bmore look more inviting right?

watchcelsius This violence is getting way too out of hand, they want us all gone eventually, we got to do better #raisethethermostat

jpjp1983 Smh IT HAS TO STOP MAN .

only1lemar Sometimes u just have to walk away. No reason to throw away ur college education and football career for something stupid. Praying for the players that were injured and even the one who did the stabbing.

babygirl7275 I’m soooooo over hearing about violence in my city! It’s really sad knowing you’re not safe going to school. What’s the answer to this problem?

marleysmommy1k Omg

modemkilla Society in general is desensitized to violence so they think nothing of hurting one another it’s a sad day but it will continue but cool ahead should prevail and they should rely on their home training instead of resorting to violence. #Prayers4UsAll @drejohnson1

chefthagod34 Shoooo!!!!

matthewthebarber74 We have every political person, preacher etc going to other states to protests over black youth we on social media saying we tired . Let’s take a stand and help our youth to stop killing each other just start with one child and watch how it will turn into millions

thakoach sometimes you gotta walk away man

DoctorRell Bailey As a Morgan Alum, it’s scary when it hits home. Even scarier if it’s your own child. Violence is Violence. It can happen to anyone. But it shouldn’t be tolerated. Especially at a haven for higher learning.

Cristal OnAir It’s sad

Tee Denton Sad. People really need to stop the violence. Our city/ our world is full of hate. Smh

Chereese Barrett Uncalled for and very sad

Kevin Boardley People can’t go to school education with shooting each other they spose to young adults.

MrTerrence Teel Its discouraging …parents are sending their loved ones there for an education not to be victims of foolishness…

Chevel Vaughn I will be excited when my daughter graduated from Morgan. Thinking masters will be received from somewhere else!

Simon Simon Isolated incident. Morgan Police need to step up the security and be more vigilant.


Triple Stabbing At Morgan State University



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