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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are some words that people screw up on a daily basis? @92qjamsbmore #92qjams #Baltimore #Maryland #Bmore

whthershey209 Hurted. The word is hurt!

_britt_nospears Irregardless… Regardless

chase_g_mom Its a sink in the bathroom not a zink .

ms.mgr8 Mine with an S!!! Unless you are talking about gold mines or diamond mines, MINE should never hv an S on it.

mo_nique0701 Mova the correct word is “mother”

asian_eyes_keylolo Can’t stand when people say “worser” instead of worse

krash_coll Zebra @drejohnson1 alot of people don’t know but it’s pronounced Zib-bra not zee-bra and this one is not much as being said wrong but used wrong. When I ask what KINDA of weed people have they say “loud” 😒. I asked what kinda Not how potent

eboni_vs_ebo Pacific instead of specific

1_fine_teacher When ppl pronounce the “L” in salmon. The L is silent!!

closeuprdy So so security for Social Security. Amalamps for Ambulance.

bmoreliketiff For the life of me I don’t know why I always sound like I say axe when I’m saying ask……. drives me nuts when people point it out, drives me even more nuts that that’s what it sounds like I’m saying…..

alliiiizonme When people say “sorry for your lost” after a death…IT’S LOSS PEOPLE…

blizz40 Whatchu want instead of what do you want.

trustdizzy “Can I axe you something???”

lovely_louden Ppl say Fava instead father.. && adding ugh at the end of every word… Move-ugh dang-ugh stop-ugh

lovely_louden Ppl say foam instead of PHONE…

Cristal OnAir ASK ASK ASK OMG they say AXE

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Screet (street), scraight (straight) and scraw (straw) lol smh GM Dre!

Chereese Barrett Badamore-Baltimore

Chereese Barrett Sammich-Sandwich

Chereese Barrett Onges-Oranges

Chereese Barrett Mondee-Monday, Tuesdee-Tuesday, Wendesdee-Wednesday, Thursdee-Thursday, Fridee-Friday, Surdee-Saturday, Sundee-Sunday

Nikasha Vinson No-noah, stop-stopah. I hate the way the kids is dragging their words out today

Bonita Chapman-Kelly Yourn-the word is yours lol

Bonita Chapman-Kelly Giants supermarket -Giant

Mia Dollbaby Crank Erryday instead of everyday .

Kevin Boardley I hate when people cum with the u come or cumin comming

Shawn Manning Da-(the) dat-(that) skrimp-(shrimp) zink-(sink)

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden I love it!! The English language is going to hell!! Lol

Ramona Harris I hate to hear people say ruff ….. when the word is pronounced Roof.

Clinton Turn Preciatit – appreciate it


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