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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. How long should you wait to move in with someone while dating them? #92qjams#baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore @92qjamsbmore


— Just Livin The Dream (@LondonShareee) March 13, 2015

tifanijackson I have been with with my man for 15 years now and we have been together for 15 years …moved in the first day we met… When u know ..u know… And it was a blind date…lol

westsidewizzy Dont…fake like yu are and still keep your place!! Lls…dont “shack up” with no one!! If y’all ain’t getting married…leave it alone!! **personal experience**

king_toya Great question, something I’m considering right now, so I appreciate these answers

gpc_life When you’re married! Stop playing husband and wife and actually be husband and wife.

mylifemypicz After marriage.

maarsmom_2 About a year that’s long enough to learn each others ways and see if both will make rational decisions and contributions.

_spankky At least a year! After you’ve been dealing with somebody for over a year, you should know by then if you wanna take the next step. If not please let the person’s heart go and find somebody you can build with.

drkingdre If both are ready< I say 2 years. I’m all for living together before marriage. That’s how you find out who they really are.

modemliia As long as it takes no time limit I’d say, wait you are completely ready! As the saying goes #TakeYaTimeYoungMan

corey1ravens52 When the pregnancy test comes back positive or has better credit than you.

jpjp1983 Least 3 to 5 years relationships ain’t the same man.. To much thotin going on.

bigbrneyes Maybe around 2 yrs

Shamica Banks Wait until you know y’all have a strong future together

Kevin Boardley Should until they get married

Patricia Ray At least 6 months to a yr but when kids are involved u do whats best for them they have to know and build a bond with that person if the kids don’t like them then they are not for u….

MrTerrence Teel Forever!!!!

Vonnie Fatz Long Wait till your sure their not crazy enough to kill you in your sleep.

Shawn Manning Soon as she gets approved for food stamps lol

Tee Denton You shouldn’t put a time frame on that but for me~@ least a yr.. Gm Dre

Brian Smalls Honestly two people shouldn’t move in together unless they are in a committed relationship and plan on being together for a long time… Don’t waste your time if you’re not committed…

Billie Jean Dre Johnson… One should at least wait to they actually know the person and God forbid that if it’s a rebound person, definitely need to wait until one is completely over their past relationship


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