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#CanWeTalk: Is it cheating if you smash during your break up BREAK? (meaning you got back together) #YouSayWhat?


Here is what you had to say on social media:

  • Nicole Harris No if you break up then your single. If you don’t want each other to see other ppl than set some boundaries.
  • Tara Original If you’re broken up than it’s not, but if you’re undecided about the relationship and are figuring things out than yes
  • Sharonne Carter If you broke up your free to do whatever but if you know it’s a chance of getting back together you shouldn’t step out
  • Shooting Stars Stokes Nahhhhh but when its done to u of course u feel some kinda way.
  • Helen Washington What is this break up break thing anyway? If you want a relationship to WORK, then you WORK at your relationship. A BREAK only invites in drama. Back and forth breeds drama. Break babies should tell you something. So shortly after your ending, they’re that willing to put life at risk not using protection.
  • Virginia M. Roberts Yes, if you 2 agreed not to step out while on this break up and you breached the agreement


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