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Lockers in empty high school corridor

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New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio decided to close school in recognition for Muslim holidays. Some people are upset and supportive about his decision.

That was my office talk today. Aside from being called a racist b*tch and a bigot from a listener, I honestly think the idea is a great idea. If schools can close for Christian, Jewish and other religious/cultural traditions and holidays, why would Muslim holidays be ignored?


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This is what you had to say on social media:

  • MsTamara Peterson If the population their is majority Muslim, then I think that is respectful. My middle school was in a Jewish neighborhood but unfortunately we didn’t close on their holidays. It would have been nice to though. Would force us to take time to learn more about each other
  •  they’re closed for these big Christian holidays. Why not?
  • londynn_bridgeYes, they close for Jewish and catholic holidays why would Muslim be any different?
  • scuba_steve133Yes y not.


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