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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake may make a decision whether she will run the U.S. Senate. What are your thoughts? Click here to read the full story!


ek4real Crickets

blissfulibra Miss! Sit down!! You SUCK as a mayor and need to just retire!! 👎👎👎👎👎

djtyimcfly Save yourself and our city any further embarrassment

kymani_n_puda_dad  She couldn’t even be a good mayor yet a u.s Senate omg I hope she don’t get it ,she beta not ( in my day day voice )

jpjp1983 Yea OK

doeboyr7 She needs to find another career path!

ladeeteej She needs to have several seats!!! @drejohnson1

mylifemypicz More of a breakfast joke this morning. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😠😠😠😠😠😂😂😂

peachy_tyrice Thats like a kid who went to school 5 times out the year asking to pass to the next grade…. Girl Bye

chinadol01 Who going to vote her in though???? I’ll wait. She’s a horrible mayor ijs

daonly_ttech Haha…..okay where’s the breakfast bite question?

8th_of_march She won’t get elected she sucks. She don’t do shit as a mayor wtf could she do as senator

nikjuslivin Not a good idea that’s like me running for President of the US. Stay n your lane.


prettywithfreckles2 I’m not voting for her ,

fam1st_bychoice Quit while she is ahead, no offense but look at the city’s stats while she was councilwoman and now mayor.

8704media Good question. Not a good look. The best thing she could do is approve those body cameras for the police department and show a genuine interest in improving marginalized communities throughout the city. She needs to start there.

gregb9167 @drejohnson1 that would be a bad idea she is not for the people she’s a horrible mayor and I really think that would be a bad idea. She needs the run for ringmaster Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus lol

fancy_enough She need to have several SEATS (in my Tamar Braxton voice)…..

Toiya Best Don’t do us any favors, she can’t even run the City Properly!!!!!#BringBackSheilaDixon Gm Dre!!

Vernon Branch Ummmm no disrespect but no she shouldnt

Travenia Mocha Anthony Hell no!!

Dee Nlightn Stone Hahahahahahahahaha…. so uh, you can’t take care of a hamster so you gonna try to get a Rottweiler? No thanks

Keisha Henson I need her to have a few seats. If u can’t make a difference on the city level, what difference will u make on the state? She is NOT for the people and would NOT get my vote ijs. Can’t wait till her time is up bon voyage

Dee Nlightn Stone She needs to take all these seats… immediately.

 Jaime Browneyez Harbison Goodmorning Dre… Ummm Nope

Tee Denton She deserves an oscar for the role she’s playing for our city. Lol, smdh

Ramona Harris Oh Noooooo ….. Help Us !!!!!!!!

Terrence Boone She didn’t do a dag gone thing as mayor, What makes her think she can run for senate? I don’t know what made her think she could get away with ordering video phones for her and her staff using the states money and not get caught SMH

Keisha Turner No never I can’t stand her

Vonnie Fatz Long Lol so she has jokes now, any one crazy enough to vote for her needs mental help

James Davis She has been the worst mayor this city has ever had And I’m not buying the “I had to make all the hard choices ” song no more ! You made bad ones

Nicole Cannon Hell to the no…….Get her out of there

Simon Simon She need to sit her ass down somewhere and stay being a lawyer and a groupie.

MrTerrence Teel I think she has done all she can do to position the city for future prosperity.. So yeah the next step would be to run for the U.S. Senate.

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