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Foot in Mouth Disease

Recently, some famous people in the entertainment, news and political industries have become victim of a career-ending virus called “FOOT IN MOUTH DISEASE”.

It’s spreading like wildfire. I too am a victim of it but I only had a small case. You only need to get it once to experience it’s power!



Who are the victims?

  • Brian Williams NBC Nightly News, out for 6 months for embellishing news story about Katrina and military fire on helicopter he was in. He has since apologized.
  • Bill O’Reilly accused of lying about various war stories and more relating to the assassination of JFK in his book. I’m not sure if he apologized.
  • Veterans Affairs Secretary, Robert McDonald told a homeless man he served in special forces when he didn’t. He retracts his statement. 
  • E! News correspondent and Fashion Police star Giuliana Rancic caught the virus when she criticized actress/singer Zendaya’s hair weave, claiming it smelled like marijuana. She has since apologized.
  • Former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani was reported as saying, “bluntness overshadowed his message”; claiming he was misunderstood when he said President Obama didn’t love America. He stands by his comments.
  • WJW news anchor Kristi Capel in Cleveland, apologized for using the term “jiggabo” when referencing Lady Gaga‘s performance on the Oscars. She has since been taken off the air for three days. Read here for more details.

To prevent this disease from spreading here are a few tips:

Thinking before speaking.

Refrain from making comments in the first place.

Or simply add a “just kidding” immediately following the blunder THIS IS JUST A JOKE!

**The disease is not real but it can happen to you! I’m a victim!!**




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